PIIT28 Finale. I survived!

Let’s get right down to it! Here are my reactions to the last week of PIIT28.

PIIT28 1.7: Core Crusher

Round 1: emoji confused Round 2: emoji persevering Round 3: emoji confounded Round 4: emoji triumph emoji hugging

First day back after a break is always the hardest for me. I’m naturally a couch potato and my body is quite happy to sit around and do nothing so after a week of not exercising, my body wasn’t the happiest camper getting pushed again. But by the last round it was easier to get my butt moving.

PIIT28 1.8: Dancer’s Legs emoji hugging emoji flexed bicep

Round 1:  emoji booyahRound 2:   emoji winkingemoji crying Round 3: emoji confounded emoji triumph Round 4: emoji dizzy deademoji skullemoji ghost

emoji hands celebrationemoji peace out victoryI was actually impatient for my mom to wake up so I could start doing this workout. My exercise area is right above her room and she doesn’t sleep well at night (sometimes she doesn’t sleep at all in fact) so I have to wait till 10-11am before I can be decent about waking her up by jumping on her ceiling.

Once I got going though, I just about died. Lots and lots of hopping. Those Plank Jack Donkey Kicks…jeez. I was able to hop through the jacks the whole time but the donkey kicks… I made it through a little over half the 1st round before having to walk through those for the rest of the subsequent rounds.

PIIT28 1.9: Sleek & Sexy Back

Round 1: emoji flexed bicep emoji peace out victory Round 2: emoji sweat emoji triumph Round 3: emoji screaming face emoji sweatemoji sweat Round 4: emoji skull emoji ghost

Can my arms be any more dead than they feel right now? Holy cow! My triceps were screaming the whole time! So were my thighs for that matter. WTH! So many hops. Hops of death. I had to use modifications for one of the moves because my legs were still dead from the day before.

PIIT28 1.10: Fat Burn Fest emoji persevering

Round 1: emoji wink kiss heart Round 2: emoji tongue and closed eyes Round 3: emoji flexed bicepemoji hands celebration emoji sweat Round 4: emoji triumph emoji sweat emoji dizzy dead

OMG! Today was a killer on my triceps! After yesterday’s workout…jeez. And here I thought they were tired before. My arms just about died today! My triceps are getting so strong. Big smile here! The weather outside was curl up in a blanket and read a book while drinking coffee or cocoa so I really didn’t want to get my butt in gear. After I got started, though, I forgot myself and just did it. I was so happy afterwards despite being supremely tired. I NAILED those jumping lunges! WooHoo! Everything about this was a killer. Everything.

PIIT28 1.5: Cardio Camp

Round 1: emoji wink kiss heartemoji dancer Round 2: emoji smiling eyes big smileemoji flexed bicep Round 3: emoji sweat emoji booyah Round 4: emoji tongue and closed eyes emoji sweat emoji flexed bicep emoji dancer

Totally rocked out to the music today. Somehow this was easier than the rest of the week’s been. Maybe I’m finally getting used to this particular workout. My shoulders/arms were lovin’ the break and my legs weren’t threatening to go on strike. I’m getting stronger! Yay! I had so much fun today. Only 1 more workout for round 1!

PIIT28 1.11: Bubble Butt 

Round 1: emoji head bandageemoji peace out victory Round 2: emoji unamuased Round 3: emoji happy smiling Round 4:emoji smiling-face-with-sunglassesemoji relieved

*Note* That face for round 2 was because my son was complaining about a DVD skipping so I had to suffer through his negative melodrama before I had enough and cleaned the disc off.

I wanted so much to work harder on this last day of round 1 of PIIT28, but I couldn’t. My knees have been hurting again. I had to ice them yesterday after a couple weeks of not needing to. Icing them again right now. While I was out grocery shopping this morning, my left knee kept feeling like it was going to pop out if I moved wrong. UGH!

But I did my workout and I kept it careful. Any sign of real pain and I would’ve stopped but I kept my movements down. This means, of course, that I had to modify two of the moves that required tons of jumping. One I kept jumping just not at the same intensity; the other I had to step through the movements. It sucked. But I still got a good butt workout and I still worked up a sweat.

I hate it when my knees threaten to go on strike.

AH! Finally! There were times I wondered if I was going to survive. But I made it and I’m stronger than ever! I feel like I could take on the world!!

What will I do now that this is over? Do it again of course!!! Yeah, I’m crazy, but I am seriously loving how I feel doing this program. And Cassey Ho’s added 2 extra videos to add in for round 2 PIIT28. Yeah, it’s not just me who’s crazy. Lots of people are.

I started to write all about what I’ll be in for with Round 2, but it turned out super long and I hate it when that happens. It’s boring and exhausting reading mega posts that are well over 1000 words. So I’ll just have more posts than usual this week.

Click on the above picture to buy the PIIT28 program

Click on the above picture to buy the PIIT28 program


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