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POP Pilates Black Friday Sale

This Black Friday deal is for POP Pilates certification workshops, both in person and online.

POP Pilates

POP Pilates is a mix of Pilates, dance, and cardio moves. There are 3 formats a class can take – 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes. Though each format is a total body workout, even 30 minutes will put those core muscles to the torch. With modifications available for every move, it doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, male, female, a fitness beginner, a pro…this class is good for you. For more information on what POP Pilates is, go to my POP Pilates page.

If you’re a guy and you don’t feel comfortable with the feminine touch in the format, change it to suit your personality and your style. I tried to add the sassy edge to my classes twice and it did not go over well at all. My students were all women but they were not comfortable with that so I dropped it. I changed the feel to match me and match my students and everything went smoothly. No class is going to be exactly the same because no instructor is the same. Just remember that a “Ballerina Bend” can easily be called a “Side Bend” and “Butterfly Wings” is just a “Seated Breast Stroke” under a different name.

If you’re thinking, “I’m not fit enough. I don’t look like a fitness instructor.” Pfft. What does a fitness instructor look like anyway? 6 pack? Bulging muscles and minuscule waist line? I’ve seen some who look like that. And I’ve seen some who were fat, probably close to 250 lbs, and rocked every class. I’ve got plenty of fat on me, but I’ve found it doesn’t matter what I look like. What matters is what I can do and my personality. If your students like you and find your class interesting/stimulating/enjoyable/etc, then they’ll come back…unless outside factors prevent them.

I was unsure when I signed up and I spent months telling myself I was crazy and wondering what I had been thinking. I stuck with it though because I had spent all that money and I really did want to be a group fitness instructor. I knew I wouldn’t get another opportunity like that so I went to the training, had fun, learned a lot, and then practiced my butt off with verbal cueing and choreography for the next month or two. I passed my evaluation class and received my POP Pilates certification. POP Pilates allowed me to get my foot in the door at a gym so that I was able to gain valuable experience leading actual classes. From there I was able to further my knowledge and get more certifications so I could teach a wider variety of classes. Currently I’m going for a personal training cert and it was all because I closed my eyes and took that leap of faith with POP Pilates.

If you’ve been wanting to get certified in POP Pilates, but you’re still unsure for whatever reason, I highly suggest you do what I did and go for it. You’re never going to have better prices than right now because of Black Friday. This sale lasts till November 27th.

Use the Black Friday code POPARMY100 at checkout to get $100 off the price of your workshop. If you don’t see a workshop near you, don’t fret. There are more places listed on the POP Pilates website (that aren’t on the list above) and there will also be more dates added later. You won’t be able to use the Black Friday code for the later dates, of course, but there’s still the EARLYBIRD code for 15% off if you sign up more than 2 weeks in advance.

Don’t live in the USA? No worries, there are also International Online Workshops. You’ll get your books, bling, etc in the mail after you register.

POP Pilates is such a fun class to take and to teach. It builds confidence, strength, balance, coordination, self esteem, and so much more. I am blown over by this price! Seriously! $100 off??? Very sweet deal.



New May Challenge

Happy May Day! First day of a new month and the month is spring! In my part of the world, April ended in a blast of cold, wind, rain, and snow. Ick. Good riddance to April. It was such a nice month until the end. Winter gave one last swing to knock us flat. But it’s May now and that won’t happen anymore! Right? Right?? Fingers crossed.

New Month = New Blogilates Calendar

Normally I don’t announce this because Cassey Ho always comes out with a new calendar for each month, but this one is different.

Usually Cassey has us doing about 5 videos 6 days a week (not counting the Beginner’s 2.0 Calendar). You might balk at that number of videos but they’re pretty short – she aims for around 60 minutes total for the day. This month, however, she’s getting us prepped for PIIT28 and the workouts have been zapped down to 30 minutes (not including warm-up and cooldown).

Now, if you have no desire to do PIIT28, that’s not a problem. This is free, PIIT28 is not – totally understandable if you’d rather steer clear of it. You can stick with these videos or use the free PIIT videos that are on her Youtube channel – Blogilates.

If you’ve tried PIIT28 or the PIIT videos on Cassey’s Youtube channel, you already know how difficult those workouts are. For a lot of people, they’re not really doable because the cardio is filled with high impact moves that can seriously jar the joints. While I was able to complete PIIT28 1.0 when it first came out in March 2016, my knees have prevented me from doing so a second time without serious modifications. I was just doing the program in April as a matter of fact. No, I didn’t finish it because I got bored and it became a chore. When a workout becomes a chore for me and I no longer feel accomplished or productive doing it (when it’s accompanied by boredom or dread in fact), I don’t see any point in doing it any longer.

I finished the first half which was going through all 11 workouts. Already with just that and eating cleaner than I had been, I lost a few pounds (which I gained back, of course, when Easter hit and there was my favorite candy right at my fingertips), lost about 1/2″ off my waist and saw an increase of muscle in my arms and legs. Add to this the increases I felt rather than saw – butt strength, happiness, self-confidence, energy…I was perfectly content to stop at the halfway mark.

Every BodyPUMP class I marvel at how deep my squats are now. Changing PIIT’s high impact cardio to low impact gave me lots of squats and my butt has become so strong. The muscles around my knees must be getting stronger too because my lunges are so much better (usually with less pain too but that depends on the day really).

It was good that I ditched the last half of the program though. My butt had gotten used to everything and had ceased to be sore so gradually that I didn’t even realize it. I had also really wanted to start Cassey’s new 6-Week Bootcamp. The first video she released was a booty workout so I did that last Monday…and was SO SORE for the rest of the week!!! That’s when I realized my butt had stopped being sore from PIIT28 1.0. And this new video just KILLED my poor tush.

Cassey listened to everyone’s pleas (and complaints) and made the cardio for this new program low impact. Even if you live in a 2nd+ floor apartment, you can still do these moves without annoying your downstairs neighbors. Unless you have your music, you know, turned up really loud in which case that’s on you.

This low impact bootcamp is designed for everyone. It continues in the PIIT style with 45 seconds for a move followed by 15 seconds of rest on and on for 7 moves. That’s Round 1. You get an extra 10 seconds of rest between rounds and repeat for a total of 4 rounds. Her videos only show 1 round so if you want to follow along with her, you’ll have to start the video over each time. If you do the moves during Round 1 and you’d prefer not to listen to her anymore, you can continue on your own.

The bootcamp itself calls for 1 video done at least 1x the first week, 2 videos done at least 1x the 2nd week, 3 the 3rd week, etc for 6 weeks. By the end of 6 weeks, you should feel a lot stronger (unless you’re sitting on your butt watching the videos, anyone should feel stronger after doing any kind of exercise for 6 weeks) and maybe you’ll be ready for PIIT28 1.0 (unless you have injuries or medical difficulties in which case you can still modify the high impact moves in PIIT28).

The calendar is a bit different. Not all of the bootcamp videos are out so Cassey has filled in the extra days with similar workouts. So we’ve got the Fat Burning and the Booty videos from the bootcamp this week while the rest of the week has some of the free PIIT videos as well as the Snowbunny Blast and some stretching for the rest day. Next week will have 4 of the bootcamp videos along with 2 PIIT videos and some stretching. Etc for the rest of the month.

Despite the fact that I’ll be unable to really complete the last week of the calendar due to personal stuff, I’m still super psyched about doing this. This is probably the first Blogilates calendar in a long time that has piqued my interest enough to work it into my schedule.

One last thing! As you see on the calendar, there is a $15 off coupon code for the PIIT28 Transformation Pack. Here’s what’s included in that pack:

  • PIIT28 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
  • 28 Day Reset (meal plan – reg or vegan)

If you got each of those individually, it would cost $186. Yikes! If you get all of it in the Transformation Pack, you pay $99. This coupon code takes off $15 so you’d get it for $84. Best. Deal. EVER! True, it’s a lot of money but not nearly as much as $186. You’re saving $102! And the program works so well if you put in the work and effort.

Even my doing a low impact version of PIIT28 gave me results. OMG! And pair it with BodyPUMP and the muscle gains are AMAZING! Remember I stopped after only 2 weeks and was impressed with my muscle gain. I watch my arms in the mirror and marvel at how much better they look. My back as well. Yeah, I ogle myself and I admit it to people. I actually invited my friends in class one day to look at my butt.


If you’re interested in getting the PIIT28 Transformation Pack, click on the below picture. Don’t forget to use your coupon code at checkout to get $15 off!

$15 OFF CODE: “sweaty15”

PIIT28 Transformation Pack – $15 off code: “sweaty15” – expires May 31, 2017

POP News

Quick POP Pilates update!

Coming January – POP 8!!

The new POP format is coming out in January! Get ready for some brand new POP fun to learn for your classes if you’re an instructor and experience in your class if you’re one of the students. Are you excited? I’m excited!

POP Pilates For Beginners!

If you’re interested in trying POP Pilates but aren’t sure if it’s for you or if you want to try something new but aren’t sure if you’re strong enough etc for it (or any variation of any reason that might lead to trying POP Pilates), here are a few videos from Cassey’s new POP Pilates for Beginners series. Remember, her series usually come in 5’s so there should be 2 more on the way in the near future.

  1. Flat Abs Workout | POP Pilates for Beginners – 18 minutes
  2. Arm Fat Blaster | POP Pilates for Beginners – 15 minutes
  3. Butt Lifting & Thigh Sculpting Workout | POP Pilates for Beginners – 17 minutes

FYI, those video times include the verbal intros and endings. The workout itself isn’t quite as long. In fact, throughout the videos, Cassey gives explanations on how to do each move and how to modify the moves to make them easier or harder. While you’re getting a good workout in, you’re still getting plenty of rest time to get through the burn.

Enjoy the workouts! I’ve embedded the Arm Fat Blaster video here because you can stand or sit in front of your computer and do these moves. No need to crane your head around to see the screen. It’s super simple. Looks can be deceiving though…

Black Friday POP sale!!!

I knew there was going to be a Black Friday POPFlex sale, but I didn’t know the details until today…of course. I’ll keep it short and simple.

Black Friday POP sales!

POPFlex Sale:


There are some seriously cute clothes here! And super comfy. Whenever I wear my POPFlex leggings, I always get compliments. People love the design! The colors, the see-through side panel, the pockets. Everything! They’re stretchy too, so if you’re between sizes, you might want to size down.

POP Pilates Certification Training Sale:


The link in that graphic will take you to the USA training classes. If you’re an international POPster, you’ll want the International Workshops. When are you ever going to get a deal like this again? How can anyone get certified to teach a fitness class for so cheap?? There are new training classes scheduled and some are in brand new places. The POP Army is spreading its wings and soaring across the world! Speaking from experience, getting certified in POP Pilates was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I love my job! Join us in spreading POP love around the nation and around the world!

Blogilates Designs Sale:


This sale is…I can’t even…There’s not much left in this store because Cassey Ho’s focusing on POPFlex, but what is here is still awesome. The big thing to look for are the water bottles. If I didn’t have tons of water bottles already, I would get at least a few (including the mason jars), but I think my husband’s head might explode so I’m holding back. If you haven’t checked Cassey’s original Blogilates store, you should…especially now when it’s all 50% off!

All of three of these sales last until Cyber Monday so shop while you can and DON’T MISS OUT!! These deals are AMAZING!!

Happy Shopping!

YMCA Events + #UniqueYogis + POPFlex

What’s up what’s up what’s up in my world of fitness these days…

For the last 2 weeks I haven’t been able to go to that BodyPump class I was loving so much. Simple reason – my shoulder was and still is injured. I injured the rotator cuff in both shoulders several years back. Left was worse than the right but I gradually got over it. It took me a long time to regain the muscle that I lost during that period. However, one move in particular from one of the Upper Body tracks in my POP Pilates class aggravated my right shoulder again. I’m sure it didn’t help that I was also going heavy on the shoulder work in BodyPump and doing wide-armed push-ups every day for a challenge.

I’ve been trying to rest it when not teaching without much improvement until yesterday when it began to feel a bit better. For those of you with shoulder weakness or shoulder injuries, watch out for the Goal Post Puncher in POP Pilates. I’m not saying don’t do it, just take care. Keep with the slow version rather than the fast that the instructor will guide you through. All that up/down rotation is pretty rough.

Robot Arms is a very similar move in POP Pilates, but it’s done slower so it should be totally fine. However, if you do find that you feel a sharp pain instead of the “it burns so good” kind of pain, lower your arms to reduce the tension or stop entirely for a break.

My injury hasn’t affected my ability to lead the class though. I find I have more time to really guide people through the move. Because my own movements are slower, my students slow down and then they pay more attention to what their arms are doing.

This Saturday is the YMCA’s Frozen Turkey Trot. It’s a 5k. I’m not running but I have volunteered. I’ll be at a table handing out bags of marshmallows and cans of yams with another woman. We’ll be at North Shore Lake by the boat ramp.


click pic for registration form

I’m excited because this is the first time to volunteer to help in a 5k rather than running it. I’ve been wanting to help out at one of these events for some years now but always ran instead. Yay!

Next week the YMCA is closed for Thanksgiving (Thursday 24th) but there will be a special Black Friday schedule for those who want to work off all that turkey and mashed potatoes and ham. Four classes total though you’ll have to choose during the 2nd and 3rd ones because they’re at the same time. Mine’s last at 10:30am! It’ll be a special 45-minute class so I’ve worked hard to prepare something tough yet fun for everyone. I hope to see a lot of people there! *fingers crossed*


Just remember that there’s no childcare available so leave your kids with your spouse or, if they’re old enough, at home. If they’re really old enough, take them with you to class!

I also have another POP Pilates class on Tuesday at my normal time. It’ll be a normal 30-min Express class but I’ll be previewing some of the Black Friday tracks because…well…because it’s fun and I want to! Good news – the shoulder track should be a lot easier than the current one. Everyone breathe a sigh of relief.


Toe Stand

Last but not least, I’m currently in another IG challenge – #UniqueYogis

I was so excited when I held this pose for a second or two…before falling over. This was actually my 2nd picture. My face isn’t as funny excited as the first time but I was still excited to be able to do it a 2nd time. I couldn’t do it on the other side because my little toe hasn’t healed from when it attacked the bathroom door. Standing balance is still easy but this was too much.

The challenge has a few hosts and lots of sponsors. I prefer it that way honestly. The hosts are an awesome group of ladies if you want to check out their IG accounts.


@doroteasworld @lucewithlove @fitwithlena13 @pielattesandpilates

@pranamat @libretea @bodybymeeu @prana @inspiredbystephanierose @truelifefitnessapparel @la.forma @dharmabumsactive

Lastly, Blogilates has come out with their newest planner for 2017! I just got mine in the mail today and it’s beautiful!!! It also feels really sturdy and the pages and front/back covers feel like good quality. This year the planner will cover the entire year and has spots to write in not only fitness and meals but most everything else you might need a planner for in your regular day-to-day life.


click the pic to go to the POPFlex site

POPFlex has also started a Rewards Program for all members. It’s free to become a member so you can hop on over to start. Each member gets 250 points just for activating an account. After that you get a personal link that you can use to advertise POPFlex. Each time a person makes a first-time purchase through your link, you get points. You also get points for every $1 you spend on POPFlex, the accessories sold there, and on the POP Pilates tops. Get a certain amount of points and you get free clothes! Go check it out for yourself! I’m, of course, using my link in the hopes of getting some points.


Click on the above banner to go to POPFlex

That’s it for me on the fitness front! Enjoy your November!


Being a POP Pilates Instructor

If you’ve kept up with my blog, you’ve read about POP Pilates. I currently teach 2 30-minute Express classes each week at my local YMCA. If you live in Hastings, NE or the surrounding area, feel free to drop by (free for Y members, $10 to get into the gym for nonmembers).


My class is located just behind the front desk in the Multipurpose Room. It’s low to no impact and every move can be adjusted to fit your fitness level, including injuries and pregnancies. I only ask that you talk to me (Katie) before class to let me know if you’re pregnant or have an injury so I can give appropriate modifications when necessary.

The playlist is fun and people have been known to laugh when they’re not busy killing their abs. Actually, one woman did start laughing while doing a Teaser toward the end of the workout. She immediately fell out of it. The more she tried, the more she laughed, and the more time she spent splayed out on the floor. The Teaser was a lost cause that day. But at least we had lots of smiles and lighthearted fun. Not every workout can be a battle to the death against yourself. And, really, that day it was just the one track that got people laughing so we all still got a great workout.

Yes, even the 30-minute Express class will give you a good workout. I want my students to push themselves but not so hard that they can’t continue or that they hurt themselves, so I’ll suggest harder variations for those who want to try to push. I’ll lead by example too and push push push myself. I used to be shy about huffing and puffing into the microphone but not anymore. I’ll grunt and growl and breath heavy to my heart’s content.

In the beginning when I first started teaching I came right out and told everyone that I was a Huffer and Puffer. Maybe I’d be the Big Bad Wolf for Halloween. It broke the ice and lightened the mood. Smiles all around. Because of that mic, everyone in my class knows I practice what I preach and push myself as far as I can go. When I can’t go farther, I’ll admit it and switch to a modification. I praise everyone for their abilities and congratulate them on their strength to get through everything, modification or not.

It used to be that I’d be so nervous I’d want to throw up a full 2 hours before class. Imagine spending 2 whole hours feeling butterflies skittering around in your belly and wanting to crawl into a hole and disappear so you don’t have to face it. Then I’d start teaching and the jitters would disappear. It was like magic. Nowadays, I barely feel jittery – sometimes not at all – unless I’m introducing new stuff and even then it’s not so bad.

Teaching class always makes me feel so happy. My students are awesome and it really makes my day when I can get them to smile and have a good time. It was devastating in the beginning when no one would show up. But I chose to take it was an experience to get through and learn from. And now I have a steady, regular group and my ladies are super awesome! The best part of my week is teaching POP Pilates to them and having everyone tell me how sore it makes them and seeing them be so happy with their smiles and laughter.

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a group fitness instructor and are interested in teaching POP Pilates, you might want to check it out. The instructors are pretty supportive of each other and the number of classes is growing all across the world. People who try this class almost always enjoy it and the atmosphere in a classroom can get pretty upbeat.


Click the above pic for a list of upcoming trainings or to sign up for one.

The live training classes are currently only available for people in the USA, but that doesn’t mean others can’t join up. There are online workshops and printed materials are mailed to the international participants. Not living in the States but wanting to join the POP Army? Check out the picture below.


Click the above pic for info on the international workshop or to sign up.

It really has been an awesome opportunity for me. It was difficult at first because nobody in my area knew about POP Pilates, but I lucked out with my YMCA taking an immediate interest. They loved my demo class and after I got hired it was all a matter of getting the word out through other instructors.

The certification cost isn’t all that expensive when compared with other certifications, especially a Pilates certification. And the best way I’ve found (through the trials and errors of other POP instructors) to prepare students for what they’ll be experiencing (just in case they expect strict Pilates) is to tell them that this class ISN’T Pilates. It takes Pilates and Pilates-inspired moves and choreographs them to pop music so you’re constantly moving instead of striking a pose and holding it till your body gives out.

And, actually, I recently had a certified Pilates teacher come to my class and she had a lot of fun. She thought the modifications were excellent and thoroughly enjoyed the choreography because it was different. Her only problem was that she was having so much fun that she was disappointed when it ended after 30 minutes. She definitely wanted the full 55-minute class.

It is a seriously fun class, designed for people of all ages and all fitness levels. In my own class, I’ve had women in their 20s having fun and working alongside ladies in their 60s. Age doesn’t matter because there are modifications for everything. And if you think it’s not for guys, I guide my husband through some of the tracks when he wants some at-home strengthening work. He’s no wuss but he struggles to get through some of this stuff. No joke.

Becoming a POP Pilates instructor was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Everyone is so supportive and accepting and helpful. It’s been an awesome journey and I have a feeling it’ll only get better.

If you’re wanting to become a group fitness instructor but you’re worried that you don’t fit the general body image, I say don’t worry about it. If you flip through some of my old posts (most recently my Before/After post), you’ll see that I’m not lean and I don’t look muscular. I don’t fit the generally accepted body image of a group fitness instructor. I went for it anyway and saw women who were much larger than me who were also stronger than me. And after getting my job as an instructor, my body size has never been commented on nor am I even the largest instructor. So long as you are physically capable of teaching your class, then there’s no problem to your size.

So I say if you really want to go for it, don’t let your size or your nervousness or anything get in your way! I’m really shy and have had to push myself to get out there but I did it and am SO happy I did!

Classes Galore + Training

I’ve been pretty quiet here because I’ve been concentrating on being prepared for my POP Pilates classes and I was too busy stressing about my class numbers. They’ve been pretty low but that’s to be expected when a brand new class comes out and it isn’t advertised. As of last week, though, the class is being advertised in other classes.

Last week was difficult. My schedule was as follows:

  • Monday – Labor Day – Y Closed
  • Tuesday – POP Pilates: 30 min
  • Wednesday – Body Pump: 1 hr (student), Total Body Toning: 45 min (sub)
  • Thursday – POP Pilates: 30 min
  • Friday – Body Pump: 1hr (student), Total Body Toning: 45 min (sub)

At the start of the week I was all,


The end of the week was a different story…


I cut out the cycling class I was wanting to incorporate into my schedule to take it easy on my knees because Cycling was also Wed/Fri. I subbed yesterday for Total Body as well but after a restful weekend my body was ready for action again.

Subbing went well. I put in a 45-minute version of POP Pilates. I know there are only 2 official versions – a 30-min and a 55-min – but I used my best judgement and I thought it turned out pretty good. I added in The Hundreds, Obliques, and Back Work in their respective positions. A second round of cardio wasn’t an option as that class doesn’t do cardio. It worked out really well. Next time I do that, I may take out Hundreds and stick in Abs & Thighs though as our legs don’t get all that much work overall.

We’ll see what happens when it happens.

Numbers increased last week. We’ll see if they hold steady or perhaps increase a little more.

As for the Training section of my post, my husband and I were talking about running because I had recently read an article about a woman I used to work with – Brianne Lippoldt. She’s a professional runner and is beyond awesome at it. The fact that Brianne started running later in life and was getting better and better with age sparked my husband’s interest. He said I could be the same way and start running again. While I have no delusions about my running skills and have no desire to be a professional runner (my knees would probably never handle it), he had a point.

I thought my knees were shot before and that my running days were over but I’ve started training my legs again and trying to get the muscles around the knees stronger. Slowly though so the backs don’t get injured again. He also mentioned that he was curious about doing a 10k race. I suggested he try a 5k first because of his back and then told him about the Frozen Turkey Trot I had read about the day before in an e-mail from the Y. He jumped at the idea of all of us running together in that race. I was surprised because he’s never wanted to run a race with me before. At one point I practically begged him to run with me but no. He always used his back as an excuse against it. It’s a good excuse as he does have chronic back pain. Pain that could probably be remedied if he strengthened his core muscles but whatever.

one couple man woman exercising workout aerobic fitness posture full length silouhette on studio isolated on white background

So this weekend we were super psyched about running a 5k together. He even agreed to put me in charge of his strength training regime and guide him in POP Pilates workouts. All of that ended Monday. Of course. While I was a good little girl and ran for 30 minutes before teaching a 45-minute POP class, he skipped his very first day of training. I’ll let it slide it though because, while his shoes are fine enough for walking, they’re not running shoes. He talked to a guy at his work who runs a lot and the guy suggested a couple places to go to get a good but cheap pair of running shoes.

Rather than let him waste his first day, I made my husband do some ab work. Even then, it was pretty light but he’s just starting and he said he felt awful the whole day, like he was getting sick, and that his back hurt so I took it easy on him. He still complained it was hard. It’ll get easier the longer he does it. In a week or two if he’s kept up with everything, maybe I’ll throw the POP 4 Ab Challenge at him and see if he can take it. I’ll even do it with him as encouragement.

one caucasian couple man woman personal trainer coach exercising tossing fitness ball silhouette studio isolated on white background


Starting in August…

It’s a little early for me to be posting again but I wanted to announce things starting in August.

PIIT28 1.0

Yep! I’ll be starting another round of PIIT28! I’ve been doing strength training but no cardio and that totally shows whenever I do even the slightest cardio. Huffing and puffing all over the place. I’ve always been a huffer and puffer – it doesn’t say much about how long or hard I can go – but I need to be able to talk in class so my students can understand me sooooo…I need to retrain my cardio side.

This is a month-long challenge. Whoever wants to join me, come on and join! It’s fun! If you’d like more information on what PIIT28 is, read my PIIT28 1.0 page. All in the info you need is all right there. Links to free PIIT workouts on YouTube (though not part of the PIIT28 program), my own personal reviews on all the workouts in the 1.0 program, links to buy the program if you don’t already have it, etc.


That brings me to the next point…

POP Pilates Classes

That’s right! I’ll be teaching 2 POP Pilates classes every week of August at my local YMCA…minus the 1st week because the building is closed for annual maintenance. Starting August 9th, every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:15-12:45, I’ll be teaching a 30-minute POP Pilates Express class. Classes will be held in the Aerobics Room in the YMCA’s 18th St building. These classes will be held in Hastings, NE.

POP August Classes

And last but not least…

#adorethecore IG Challenge

Cassey Ho is hosting an IG challenge starting August 1st. It’s called #adorethecore and will feature daily moves to work your core. Unlike most IG challenges, you’re not going to be doing a move and freezing for a picture. If you want to pose a picture, do your freeze thing and go for it, but make sure to do the full move as well to work that core. While a winner will be chosen and a gift will be given to said winner from POPFlex, the real goal of this IG challenge is to gain a stronger core.

Visit Cassey’s IG account, @blogilates, for the rules or click on the picture below to go straight to her post on it.


For more information on how to do this challenge (and each move), read Cassey’s blog post on it – 28 Day Ab Challenge.

Hope to see people participating! Good luck this month!

POP Pilates + The Fitness Marshall

Good news! I taught my first demo POP Pilates class the other day and everyone LOVED it! There were 4 people in the class, all familiar at some degree with Pilates so I didn’t have to worry the majority of the time about them doing dangerous things and teaching them the more Cassey-like moves was quite simple. Yay! At one point during the class I laughed and told them they were like my perfect class when I taught to invisible people at home – they knew it all already and did everything perfectly.

Oh there were some instances when they needed reminders on something such as keep your butt down while doing Plank Jacks (that butt does tend to pike up if we’re not careful) and straighten your back out during Earthquake. I like giving those reminders though because it’s also a reminder to me to keep my butt down and my back straight. Especially with Earthquake. I’ll give the reminder merely to remind myself.

A couple of the ladies even expressed interest in becoming instructors themselves. AWESOME!!! Unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult to go all the way to Denver for an all-day training. The drive takes about 7 hours. Not a huge deal if you’re visiting people for the weekend or something but it is if you have kids waiting for you to get your butt back to them and the hotel costs money and all. They were surprised (pleasantly I think) at how cheap the certification is too. It’s not cheap, mind you, but compared to other certifications, it is and there’s a lot of freedom in building the class.

So maybe POP Pilates is leaking further into the Midwest? I told them there was only one other instructor in Nebraska and she was in Lincoln. Maybe we can expand the number of teachers in our areas?  This is just the beginning! We’re taking over the world!!!

raccoon plan

Afterwards, the fitness director talked to me about looking to put some POP classes into the August fitness schedule. Yay! Success! Now we’ll just see if she can manage that, if I can manage not to stick my foot in my mouth or do some other dumb thing, and if people like it enough to want to come on a regular basis.

I was so happy with this first step of success that I wanted to dance at home…except I was still super sore from the dancing I did the day before. Some time ago I found The Fitness Marshall on YouTube. I wanted to like him because his dances looked kinda fun but I didn’t. How to say this without sounding like I’m anti-gay…It was his flamboyantly gay personality. The way he talked and moved before the dancing and even sometimes during the dancing.

It’s not the gay that turned me off. I only describe it as “flamboyantly gay” because I don’t see straight people adopting that style of mannerisms and voice. It’s a kind of girlish way of speaking and acting. Not girly but some kind of off-shoot. I don’t like it so much because it always seems affected to me, like it’s not real. Trust me, there are tons of straight people whose behavior seems completely fake to me as well and I dislike that just as much. But I step back and remind myself that I’m assuming it’s affected and maybe it’s not. Maybe that kind of behavior and those mannerisms etc reflect their personality best. After watching a bunch of his videos, I’m thinking that’s the case with him, that he’s letting his entire personality shine through.

And boy does he shine! Like his own sun. This was something else I had to get used to – his crazy happy personality.

Close friends and family will tell you that I can let loose and get crazy at home, but when I’m outside in public or with people who are super close to me, I clam up. My public personality is more reserved because I’m shy. So when I come across people who are crazy in public, I tend to back away and not want to talk to them. I don’t know why this is. Maybe it’s just too much personality for me or something.

Anyway, The Fitness Marshall also has an excess of personality that made me want to run away. After I got used to him though, I started to really like him. He’s fun and energetic and not afraid to laugh at himself. I really like that. So now I love his channel and have started doing some of his dances. His dance workout to Meghan Trainor’s Me Too was sooooo much fun! When I first heard that song when it came out, I liked the beginning but thought it was too repetitive after that. However, watching and then doing the dance The Fitness Marshall made for it has changed my opinion. Now I absolutely love the song and that’s all I wanted to do after the POP Pilates demo because it totally expressed my thoughts and mood.

If you like dancing and you don’t mind a tornado of a personality, then I suggest you hop on over to his channel on Youtube and check out some of his videos. They’re really fun! I’m not even a good dancer but I was able to follow along pretty easily most of the time. And holy cow! My muscles were sore the next day!

Here’s his dance for Me Too by Meghan Trainor…

Fun Pictures/Videos for POP Pilates

While there are aspects about being a POP Pilates instructor that have me fighting the urge to hyperventilate and hide under the table (can’t go under the bed because the mattress rests on the floor), there are also aspects that are super fun.

I may push myself to be social and outgoing, but in actuality, I’m a very shy introvert. I’d much rather sit in a chair at home and read a book than go outside and talk to people. And talking to strangers in situations I’m not familiar with (or know absolutely zilch about like what I have to do these days) is definitely not something I enjoy doing.

stressed eggs

Although it takes me a long time to work up the courage to do these things, I eventually get them done and have so far survived every encounter…AND not gotten sick in front of everyone. Or fainted. Or turned into a petrified human statue.

Go me!

But this new line of work I’m trying to inch myself forward into also has fun things like making videos and pictures! It’s not mandatory but I’m encouraged to make little POP Pilates videos and motivational pictures.

I am LOVING making both videos and pictures!

The motivation picture about quitting and failing that I added in my last post was one I made (POP Pilates News) as is this one:

get your sparkle on

Perhaps it wasn’t my best work but it was my first with this new app that I got specifically for this kind of stuff – WordSwag. It’s fun! I use the trial version of Pic Collage to get backgrounds and then WordSwag to add in text and the POP logo. I really liked the sparkle background for the above even though it was a little difficult to see the words. Give me a break, it was my first attempt.

I got the iMovie app for my videos. I can edit everything, add effects and text, add in and chop up music, etc. I love it! I may be introverted, but I’ve gotten over my fear of being on videos and putting them on the internet. I mean, no one’s watching when I make the video and when I put it up for people to see, I pretend that they don’t exist and that it won’t be seen.

That was in the beginning. I’m cool with being in videos now because people have been so positive and friendly about my videos that I no longer feel self-conscious about being recorded. I feel a bit self-conscious when I do something super silly like dancing (I’m not a good dancer as you might have noticed in a past post when I recorded myself dancing to the first dance routine in the Dance with Julianne: Just Dance! DVD), but on the whole I don’t mind anymore. And after a few days I no longer think about those videos at all. I move on to the next video or picture.

Here’s my newest video for some POP Pilates Booty Work:

My newest POP Pilates video! If you feel pain when you lie on your back/belly to work your butt, here are 5 exercises to work your booth along with your hips and thighs. •Plie Squats •Side Lunges •Straight Leg Butt Lifts •Fire Hydrants •Hip Circles Remember to work both sides to keep it all even! Keep your core tight, your back straight, and to stay in proper form. If you find you form slipping, move to an easier modification. We want a good workout, not an injury. 😉 Music: "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift (badly edited) Top: POP Pilates logo tank – Blogilates Designs Bottoms: POP booty shorts – POPFlex Mat: Sore Today Strong Tomorrow – Blogilates Designs #soretodaystrongtomorrow #mat #poppilates #poparmy @blogilatesdesigns @blogilates #popflex #passion #popshorts #poppilateslogo #blogifam #goodvibesonly #exercise #workout #lowerbody @poppilatesofficial #booty

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My song editing could use a little work this time around (love the song but not easy to edit), but I still like the video for the moves.

This next one was done about 2 weeks back. It’s a total body POP Pilates workout this time.

Do these moves as many times as you like for a total body workout POP style! •Dancing Animal •Up Up Down Downs •Grasshopper •Candlestick Dipper •Elevated Leg Circles •Jackknives *NOTE* Advanced Up Up Down Down is in plank. Make sure to keep your hips square and don't hula them. Advanced Candlestick Dipper is with hands clasped straight above your head. If your hip flexor hurts during straight leg Jackknife, bend at the knee when you lift the leg. Top: Black Swan Tank #popflex Bottoms: Passion Pop Shorts 2.0 POPFlex Mat: Sore Today Strong Tomorrow #blogilatesdesigns @blogilatesdesigns @blogilates @poppilatesofficial #poppilates #poparmy #blogifam #popsters #goodvibesonly #totalbody #jackknife #dancinganimal #upupdowndown #grasshopper #candlestickdipper #elevatedlegcircles #sweat #outside #beautifulday #sunny #hot #90degrees #fitness

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And my very first POP Pilates video…EVER! An ab workout.

Mini POP Pilates ab workout •5 Roll-Ups •10 Infinity Abs (alt) •30s Earthquake •5 Double Leg Stretches •15s Teaser Repeat as many times as you want. Always keep your core right, your back straight, your shoulders away from your ears, and remember to have fun! 😘 Top: Peekaboo Peplum Top in Magenta from #blogilatesdesigns #bodypop Bottoms: #oldnavy Mat: Sore Today Strong Tomorrow from Blogilates Designs Did I do this video correctly? I really don't know. I'm worried I'm misrepresenting or something. Don't wanna step on any toes. I was so ansy to do this that I totally forgot to wear my #poparmy bracelet! Ugh. Ah well. Next time. #rollups #infinityabs #earthquake #teaser #doublelegstretches #video #miniworkout #poppilates #blogifam #pink @blogilates @poppilatesofficial

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I had never used iMovie before but the basics were pretty easy. This was so fun to make! Every time I make a video, I learn a little more and get a little better. They’ll probably never be perfect but that’s okay because it’s fun!

I’m not used to seeing myself exercise because I’ve never really had a mirror to exercise in front of. Except in group fitness classes and it’s been a looooong time since I’ve been able to take one of those. It’s cool being able to see my muscles working.