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New May Challenge

Happy May Day! First day of a new month and the month is spring! In my part of the world, April ended in a blast of cold, wind, rain, and snow. Ick. Good riddance to April. It was such a nice month until the end. Winter gave one last swing to knock us flat. But it’s May now and that won’t happen anymore! Right? Right?? Fingers crossed.

New Month = New Blogilates Calendar

Normally I don’t announce this because Cassey Ho always comes out with a new calendar for each month, but this one is different.

Usually Cassey has us doing about 5 videos 6 days a week (not counting the Beginner’s 2.0 Calendar). You might balk at that number of videos but they’re pretty short – she aims for around 60 minutes total for the day. This month, however, she’s getting us prepped for PIIT28 and the workouts have been zapped down to 30 minutes (not including warm-up and cooldown).

Now, if you have no desire to do PIIT28, that’s not a problem. This is free, PIIT28 is not – totally understandable if you’d rather steer clear of it. You can stick with these videos or use the free PIIT videos that are on her Youtube channel – Blogilates.

If you’ve tried PIIT28 or the PIIT videos on Cassey’s Youtube channel, you already know how difficult those workouts are. For a lot of people, they’re not really doable because the cardio is filled with high impact moves that can seriously jar the joints. While I was able to complete PIIT28 1.0 when it first came out in March 2016, my knees have prevented me from doing so a second time without serious modifications. I was just doing the program in April as a matter of fact. No, I didn’t finish it because I got bored and it became a chore. When a workout becomes a chore for me and I no longer feel accomplished or productive doing it (when it’s accompanied by boredom or dread in fact), I don’t see any point in doing it any longer.

I finished the first half which was going through all 11 workouts. Already with just that and eating cleaner than I had been, I lost a few pounds (which I gained back, of course, when Easter hit and there was my favorite candy right at my fingertips), lost about 1/2″ off my waist and saw an increase of muscle in my arms and legs. Add to this the increases I felt rather than saw – butt strength, happiness, self-confidence, energy…I was perfectly content to stop at the halfway mark.

Every BodyPUMP class I marvel at how deep my squats are now. Changing PIIT’s high impact cardio to low impact gave me lots of squats and my butt has become so strong. The muscles around my knees must be getting stronger too because my lunges are so much better (usually with less pain too but that depends on the day really).

It was good that I ditched the last half of the program though. My butt had gotten used to everything and had ceased to be sore so gradually that I didn’t even realize it. I had also really wanted to start Cassey’s new 6-Week Bootcamp. The first video she released was a booty workout so I did that last Monday…and was SO SORE for the rest of the week!!! That’s when I realized my butt had stopped being sore from PIIT28 1.0. And this new video just KILLED my poor tush.

Cassey listened to everyone’s pleas (and complaints) and made the cardio for this new program low impact. Even if you live in a 2nd+ floor apartment, you can still do these moves without annoying your downstairs neighbors. Unless you have your music, you know, turned up really loud in which case that’s on you.

This low impact bootcamp is designed for everyone. It continues in the PIIT style with 45 seconds for a move followed by 15 seconds of rest on and on for 7 moves. That’s Round 1. You get an extra 10 seconds of rest between rounds and repeat for a total of 4 rounds. Her videos only show 1 round so if you want to follow along with her, you’ll have to start the video over each time. If you do the moves during Round 1 and you’d prefer not to listen to her anymore, you can continue on your own.

The bootcamp itself calls for 1 video done at least 1x the first week, 2 videos done at least 1x the 2nd week, 3 the 3rd week, etc for 6 weeks. By the end of 6 weeks, you should feel a lot stronger (unless you’re sitting on your butt watching the videos, anyone should feel stronger after doing any kind of exercise for 6 weeks) and maybe you’ll be ready for PIIT28 1.0 (unless you have injuries or medical difficulties in which case you can still modify the high impact moves in PIIT28).

The calendar is a bit different. Not all of the bootcamp videos are out so Cassey has filled in the extra days with similar workouts. So we’ve got the Fat Burning and the Booty videos from the bootcamp this week while the rest of the week has some of the free PIIT videos as well as the Snowbunny Blast and some stretching for the rest day. Next week will have 4 of the bootcamp videos along with 2 PIIT videos and some stretching. Etc for the rest of the month.

Despite the fact that I’ll be unable to really complete the last week of the calendar due to personal stuff, I’m still super psyched about doing this. This is probably the first Blogilates calendar in a long time that has piqued my interest enough to work it into my schedule.

One last thing! As you see on the calendar, there is a $15 off coupon code for the PIIT28 Transformation Pack. Here’s what’s included in that pack:

  • PIIT28 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
  • 28 Day Reset (meal plan – reg or vegan)

If you got each of those individually, it would cost $186. Yikes! If you get all of it in the Transformation Pack, you pay $99. This coupon code takes off $15 so you’d get it for $84. Best. Deal. EVER! True, it’s a lot of money but not nearly as much as $186. You’re saving $102! And the program works so well if you put in the work and effort.

Even my doing a low impact version of PIIT28 gave me results. OMG! And pair it with BodyPUMP and the muscle gains are AMAZING! Remember I stopped after only 2 weeks and was impressed with my muscle gain. I watch my arms in the mirror and marvel at how much better they look. My back as well. Yeah, I ogle myself and I admit it to people. I actually invited my friends in class one day to look at my butt.


If you’re interested in getting the PIIT28 Transformation Pack, click on the below picture. Don’t forget to use your coupon code at checkout to get $15 off!

$15 OFF CODE: “sweaty15”

PIIT28 Transformation Pack – $15 off code: “sweaty15” – expires May 31, 2017


CPT + PIIT28 3.0 + POPFlex Dark Bloom + Silver Sneakers

~ Couch Potato Triathlon ~

The Couch Potato Triathlon is nearing its end. 2 weeks left and it’ll be all over (Feb 19th). I thought for sure I’d zoom through the cycling and walking/running portion and have difficulty with the swimming portion but that’s not quite how it worked out. I have been zooming through the walking portion (I’m walking, not running) so I’ve backed off from it to focus on the other two.

Cycling takes more time than I thought it would and swimming takes less time. Still, it’s been difficult getting my butt in gear with swimming only because it’s such a bother carrying so much stuff to swim and then getting all cleaned up afterward.

Here’s what I still have left:

  • Swimming – 29.5 laps
  • Cycling – 48.8 miles
  • Walking – 6.8

~ PIIT28 3.0 ~


Click the above to go to PIIT28 1.0. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for links for 2.0 and 3.0.

Oh my holy cow!! If you thought PIIT28 1.0 was tough, you’re never going to believe what Cassey has in store for everyone this time! Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do it, but I’ve bought it anyway so I can tell people about it. And there’s nothing preventing me from doing individual moves to see how they feel etc.

*Disclaimer: It is not just recommended that you complete PIIT28 1.0 and 2.0 before starting 3.0, it is a requirement. Likewise, you should not do 2.0 before completing 1.0. These are DIFFICULT programs and if you do them before you’re ready, you may get injured because your body isn’t ready for it. Do not blame me for injuries sustained in the course of these programs.*

Can I just say real fast how much I LOVE Cassey’s outfit in this 3.0 cover picture? Much more my style than her near-nakedness in 1.0 and the leotard in 2.0. I love how badass she looks here.

I’ll be checking out PIIT28 3.0 later and writing up a blog on it after I’ve done some of the moves to see what it’s like. But there’s good news! I looked through it real fast and found no Up-Up Down-Down Plank Jacks. Those look ridiculously hard, not only strength-wise but for coordination! And there are still some “easy” moves like Butt Kicks and Oil Riggers. Yay!

By the way, remember when I said I would complete PIIT28 1.0 with low impact modifications? I did and I didn’t. Way back in the day I pushed too hard and hurt my hip flexors (that crease on the front of your hips where you bend over?). They’ve both been super tight since then, especially since I also spend a lot of time sitting down typing on the computer, so it tends to hurt big time if I do a ton of squats or leg raises etc. In order to modify the high impact cardio moves in PIIT28 1.0, I had to squat a lot. It was a really good option but my hip flexors started screaming at me after awhile so I had to stop.

Other than that, if you have no hip flexor issues like I do, you can totally benefit from PIIT28 1.0. Modifying the high impact moves into low impact will take a lot of the burn out, but it’s still a really good workout. So don’t feel like you can’t do PIIT28 if you can’t do high impact moves. Low impact cardio moves will still make you burn and sweat.

And remember! You may have a 6-pack but no one will ever see it if you don’t eat well. Of course, it’s perfectly fine if no one ever sees it – mine is safely tucked away behind layers of insulating fat. That is totally fine. But if you do want people to see it, you have to eat well.


Click the above pic to go to the 28-Day Reset Meal Plan. Available in Vegan as well!

~ POPFlex Dark Bloom Collection ~

The 2nd half of the POPFlex Dark Bloom Collection is being released TODAY!!!! Yay!!! You can get a sneak peak at 9:30am PST when Cassey and Lexi go live on FB to reveal their favorite pieces from the new collection. The entire collection will be available to see and buy at 10:00am PST. I, unfortunately, will be in the middle of teaching my POP class when this happens and then swimming for that CPT but I really have no $ to buy anything yet anyway. I have a growing wishlist and a birthday coming up, but I don’t think people will give me enough to get my entire wishlist. I’ll have to choose veeeeeeryyyy carefully and hope things aren’t sold out in my size when the time comes.

Imagine this design on the new Wishing Star Capris…


Click the above pic to go to POPFlex


~ Silver Sneakers ~

Last but not least, come March I’ll be getting certified in 3 new group x classes – Silver Sneakers: Classic, Silver Sneakers: Cardio Circuit, and Silver Sneakers: Yoga. Seems we might be running low on instructors in the future. I should be taking over the SS: Cardio class later on and subbing for the other two when needed. Yay! My repertoire is growing!

I was looking at other formats to teach like Barre, but the director said they tried a Barre class before and it didn’t work out so well. People didn’t care. Surprising since people like POP and it seems pretty similar…Maybe it was the timing or the instructor? Who knows. It doesn’t matter too much because I’m not getting certified in it right now. I may pursue it later, but not right now.

New Challenge from Cassey Ho

Cassey Ho’s newest challenge starts January 2nd and continues through the month to the 29th. Although the challenge is simple to explain, it won’t be simple to do and I’ll admit right off the bat that I won’t be able to succeed 100% in it.

It’s an eating challenge. While it’s a “diet” challenge, it’s also not. It’s not an “I’m going on a diet and I’m going to lose weight and get thin this year” kind of challenge. It’s an “I’m going to change my dietary habits and see how certain foods affect me” kind of challenge.

Here it is in a nutshell:

Cut Out 5 Types of Food/Drink:

  1. Dairy
  2. Gluten
  3. Added Sugar (as opposed to naturally occurring like in fruit)
  4. Processed Foods
  5. Alcohol

Hey! I’ve already got 1 out of 5 perfected! I don’t drink alcohol. Ever. I’m not against it or anything. I used to love beer (and there are times I miss the taste). That was my go-to alcoholic beverage. Then I found out I have a gluten sensitivity and the way I felt after drinking a beer wasn’t normal. It felt like my blood was poisoned. Not a hangover, just poisoned blood flowing through my veins. I got the same feeling after eating too much gluten. I’ve never cared for other types of alcohol and eventually I came to dislike feeling tipsy so I stopped drinking altogether. Not a big deal. I don’t miss it at all. If I could get some non-alcoholic, gluten-free Sam Adams beer, I’d be a very happy camper. But I doubt it would taste the same so there’s really no point.

Keeping dairy out won’t be a problem since I’m lactose-intolerant and I don’t have a whole lot of dairy anyway. Here’s what I’ll have issues with during this challenge:

  • cheese
  • bread
  • processed foods
  • sweets

But I’m going to do my best to erase cheese and sweets from my diet and cut back on the bread as much as possible. Processed foods…well…my favorite soup (which I eat 1-2x a day) has hot dogs and spam in it and my fav snack is peanut butter and celery. So that’s going to be extremely difficult. But I’ll cut back on it all. As in no extra processed foods outside the soup and eat less peanut butter with my celery…and only eat it with my celery.

There isn’t a challenge in the world that will make me cut down on the amount of sugar I put in my coffee every morning. I already went through the process several years ago of cutting that down as much as possible. It took a month of slowly cutting back so my taste buds could adjust before I reached the point where it was unbelievably nasty so I stopped and stayed where I was. Everyone else in my family who tries it thinks it’s nasty and needs more sugar so I figure I’m good.

Cassey has provided a free PDF that people can download which you can download on her blog post – Take the 28 Day Reset Challenge. This is a FREE challenge. You can buy the Blogilates 28 Day Reset meal plan (there are 2 versions – a regular version for meat eaters and a vegan version) to help you with this. In fact, it would be really helpful if you did because it gives you meals so you don’t have to guess at what to eat.

I have the 28-Day Reset meal plan (non-vegan) and I can attest to the meals being super nutritious, tasty, and easy to make. Some of them can get pricey (in my opinion), but that’s because I’m not used to buying a lot of those ingredients. “Expensive” and “cheap” are relative terms, but the meals are good and that plan would make the challenge a lot easier to accomplish. However, you don’t need to buy it if you don’t have the money for it. The free PDF provided on her website should be help enough to do this.

If you have questions about what you can and can’t eat, you can ask me here or you can ask people on her blog or on FB page – Blogilates. Tons of people are available to help you out if/when you need it. I’ve done a challenge like this before – it’s how I found out dairy and gluten are bad for me. I’m really glad I did find out because I spent my entire life thinking I wasn’t a breakfast kind of person because I always felt sick to my stomach after eating breakfast. Well, I always had cereal or shakes etc that had milk in it. I cut out dairy and have stopped feeling sick (unless I eat it, gluten, or too much sugar).

It’s true that I lost beer because of gluten but I’m still super happy I discovered my intolerance. I get super gassy and bloated and can seriously win (against men!) belching competitions if I eat the “right” kinds of food beforehand. As for the smell…damn. Just damn. I’m like Shrek farting in a fish pond – fish die. That stench is no joke. And the acne can get super bad. Ugh.

It’s all kinds of badness when I eat the wrong foods. But I don’t experience all of that with every kind of dairy and gluten product. I know what triggers the worst side-effects and I treat that stuff like it harbors ecoli or the plague.

As for the fitness portion of this challenge, it’s even more simple.

Exercise 6 Days A Week

That’s it. It could be walking, bike riding, a POP Pilates class, anything! The PIIT28 program (1.0 or 2.0 if you’ve progressed that far) goes perfectly with this but I’m not asking you to join that as well. As with the Blogilates 28-Day Reset meal plan, you can if you want but they’re both going to be difficult so you’re forewarned. I’ll be doing POP Pilates and walking. Also, my YMCA is holding a Couch Potato Triathlon from Jan 9 till Feb 24th so when that starts I’ll also be biking and swimming. I even have a new swim top for it! High necked so I won’t have to worry about my boobs falling out. Yeah, my ladies have issues staying put and my swim tops are low cut.

So join me (or not) this new year in a new challenge to get healthier and see how food affects you. We’re trying to reset our bodies here or at least get as much of the bad stuff out as we can. Good luck to everyone!!

YMCA Events + #UniqueYogis + POPFlex

What’s up what’s up what’s up in my world of fitness these days…

For the last 2 weeks I haven’t been able to go to that BodyPump class I was loving so much. Simple reason – my shoulder was and still is injured. I injured the rotator cuff in both shoulders several years back. Left was worse than the right but I gradually got over it. It took me a long time to regain the muscle that I lost during that period. However, one move in particular from one of the Upper Body tracks in my POP Pilates class aggravated my right shoulder again. I’m sure it didn’t help that I was also going heavy on the shoulder work in BodyPump and doing wide-armed push-ups every day for a challenge.

I’ve been trying to rest it when not teaching without much improvement until yesterday when it began to feel a bit better. For those of you with shoulder weakness or shoulder injuries, watch out for the Goal Post Puncher in POP Pilates. I’m not saying don’t do it, just take care. Keep with the slow version rather than the fast that the instructor will guide you through. All that up/down rotation is pretty rough.

Robot Arms is a very similar move in POP Pilates, but it’s done slower so it should be totally fine. However, if you do find that you feel a sharp pain instead of the “it burns so good” kind of pain, lower your arms to reduce the tension or stop entirely for a break.

My injury hasn’t affected my ability to lead the class though. I find I have more time to really guide people through the move. Because my own movements are slower, my students slow down and then they pay more attention to what their arms are doing.

This Saturday is the YMCA’s Frozen Turkey Trot. It’s a 5k. I’m not running but I have volunteered. I’ll be at a table handing out bags of marshmallows and cans of yams with another woman. We’ll be at North Shore Lake by the boat ramp.


click pic for registration form

I’m excited because this is the first time to volunteer to help in a 5k rather than running it. I’ve been wanting to help out at one of these events for some years now but always ran instead. Yay!

Next week the YMCA is closed for Thanksgiving (Thursday 24th) but there will be a special Black Friday schedule for those who want to work off all that turkey and mashed potatoes and ham. Four classes total though you’ll have to choose during the 2nd and 3rd ones because they’re at the same time. Mine’s last at 10:30am! It’ll be a special 45-minute class so I’ve worked hard to prepare something tough yet fun for everyone. I hope to see a lot of people there! *fingers crossed*


Just remember that there’s no childcare available so leave your kids with your spouse or, if they’re old enough, at home. If they’re really old enough, take them with you to class!

I also have another POP Pilates class on Tuesday at my normal time. It’ll be a normal 30-min Express class but I’ll be previewing some of the Black Friday tracks because…well…because it’s fun and I want to! Good news – the shoulder track should be a lot easier than the current one. Everyone breathe a sigh of relief.


Toe Stand

Last but not least, I’m currently in another IG challenge – #UniqueYogis

I was so excited when I held this pose for a second or two…before falling over. This was actually my 2nd picture. My face isn’t as funny excited as the first time but I was still excited to be able to do it a 2nd time. I couldn’t do it on the other side because my little toe hasn’t healed from when it attacked the bathroom door. Standing balance is still easy but this was too much.

The challenge has a few hosts and lots of sponsors. I prefer it that way honestly. The hosts are an awesome group of ladies if you want to check out their IG accounts.


@doroteasworld @lucewithlove @fitwithlena13 @pielattesandpilates

@pranamat @libretea @bodybymeeu @prana @inspiredbystephanierose @truelifefitnessapparel @la.forma @dharmabumsactive

Lastly, Blogilates has come out with their newest planner for 2017! I just got mine in the mail today and it’s beautiful!!! It also feels really sturdy and the pages and front/back covers feel like good quality. This year the planner will cover the entire year and has spots to write in not only fitness and meals but most everything else you might need a planner for in your regular day-to-day life.


click the pic to go to the POPFlex site

POPFlex has also started a Rewards Program for all members. It’s free to become a member so you can hop on over to start. Each member gets 250 points just for activating an account. After that you get a personal link that you can use to advertise POPFlex. Each time a person makes a first-time purchase through your link, you get points. You also get points for every $1 you spend on POPFlex, the accessories sold there, and on the POP Pilates tops. Get a certain amount of points and you get free clothes! Go check it out for yourself! I’m, of course, using my link in the hopes of getting some points.


Click on the above banner to go to POPFlex

That’s it for me on the fitness front! Enjoy your November!


PIIT28 – Who It’s Not Good For


Click on the above picture to buy the PIIT28 program

Click on the above picture to buy the PIIT28 program

So in the past I’ve written about how awesome PIIT28 is and the amazing results it can give people yadda yadda yadda. And it is an awesome program, it’s true. If you give it your all every time, the results you can get are out of this world. That being said, it’s also very true that it’s not for everyone.

I’m a PIIT28 ambassador. Why would I tell people not to get this program?

First off, I’m not telling everyone not to get it. Only certain people. If you are not good at sticking with programs and sticking to a set schedule and you don’t have much money, you probably don’t want to invest in this. Let’s be realistic here. What good is it going to do you if you buy it and then never do it? The only thing that’s happened is the guilt of quitting something yet again AND being that much poorer? I see only unhappiness in that outcome.

That being said, maybe the problem with sticking to a set schedule etc is that you haven’t found the right program that you’d like to stick with. If that’s the case, the only person who can advise you is you.

I’m terrible at sticking with set schedules but I was able to do this one for the full month. I flubbed a bit at the end because of circumstances out of my control, but it wasn’t too bad and I stuck with it until I finished. However, if you read my blog, you’ve noticed that I’ve tried on several occasions to do the program again to no avail. It’s extremely frustrating for me knowing that I did it once before but seem to be unable to do it again.


My most recent attempt was this week. Yep, this week. My knees are getting worse again because I’ve been running more and more to train for a 5k in November. On Monday I went to the doctor and he told me to stop running because it’s just going to get worse. I need to find other ways to get my cardio in such as cycling or swimming. So I planned on restarting PIIT28, not every day but changing my running days to PIIT days instead. So about 2-4 times a week and then I’d use the elliptical and a cycling class to fill in the other days.

I did 1 round on Tuesday of the very first PIIT28 workout – 1.1 Abdomination – before I had to stop. My knees couldn’t take it. At all. They voiced their complaints in no uncertain terms.

Yet another failed PIIT28 attempt. 1 round. That’s it. I was very upset with myself. With my knees actually. Now I’m more resigned to my situation. My knees were fine in March, hence my ability to do this program. I injured the backs of them (yes, both of them) in April or May. I told myself they were healed in August/September and started pushing again. Carefully pushing but pushing. The backs are doing okay though sometimes it’s close. The kneecaps though…

Doctor to man: 'Now that's what I call a bum knee.'

Doctor to man: ‘Now that’s what I call a bum knee.’

Plyometrics is out (for awhile anyway). Running is out (probably forever).

If you’re the kind of the person who has joint pain then you might want to rethink your idea of getting this program. It is HARD on the joints, especially the knees. There’s a lot of plyometrics in it – lots of jumping. The muscles in your thighs are the biggest muscles in your body so doing things like running and jumping works your body the hardest. Those big muscles are working super hard to push you forward or push you up. They burn the most calories. However, if your knees or ankles cannot take this type of movement, then those joints are going to get thrashed.

Now, there’s always a modification. I don’t care what Jillian Michaels says – if a 300, 400-lb person can do a jumping jack, so can you. It’s just not true if you have bad knees or ankles. Your joints cannot support all that jumping without some kind of bad side effect, ie: twisted ankle or dislocated knee.

To modify the cardio moves, you can walk through them or tone it down to whatever movement level is good for you. Easy. Depending on your fitness level, this might still be cardio or it might not. It might turn into 30 minutes of strength training. For me, that’s what would happen. Not fun when I’ve already done 3o-60 minutes of strength training in a POP Pilates or a Body Pump class.

After one of those classes, I want cardio. Pure and simple.

Well, actually, all I want is a shower and to lie down and maybe eat something but that’s beside the point.


If I can’t get cardio because I have to modify all the cardio moves into something that won’t kill my knees, then I need to look at something else. If you’re in the same boat, you need to do the same.

If, after reading this, you think maybe PIIT28 isn’t right for you (at this time or at all in the future), you might look into something less intense like Cassey Ho’s new YouTube cardio series. I have only tried the first video – Quick Sweat // CARDIO BEAT (At Home Cardio Workout) – but it was fun. Not intense but seriously easy on my knees and I’m sure the people in the apt under mine were happy that I wasn’t pounding on their ceiling.

I’ll make sure to do these Cardio Beat videos along with Cassey’s other cardio videos to give my impression on fun ideas that are easy on the knees so people who can’t do PIIT28 have other cardio options.

Sore Today Sore Tomorrow

Thank goodness for rest days! Although this is technically my second rest day because I took yesterday off from PIIT28 1.0. I’m tiiiiiiiired! Give me a break! Every muscle in my body is super sore! And, actually, I deemed it wise to take an extra break because the back of my knee was acting up during 1.4: Lean Body. Eep! Definitely don’t want to be hurting my knee right before I start my new job as a POP Pilates instructor. That would…suck. Big time.

“Oh I don’t get sick all that often and when I do I usually power through it.” Great! You’re hired! Day of class. “Oh! Did I mention how often I get injured? And that I’m injured now?”


No! I’m not going to get injured! Not now. I will rest my knee and make sure it doesn’t go buggy on me again. It’ll be totally fine. Minor ouchies I can deal with because I know how to modify.

Is it just me or does anyone else hear Mater from Cars yelling “Modify!” whenever they hear or say that word? He and other cars say it in the Cars short film, Tokyo Mater, where Mater goes to Tokyo. The lines are going through my head verbatim now. I think my son and I watched those cartoons a few too many times.

In the mean time, I’m SO SORE! It feels good to feel sore again. The second day was hard to push myself to do because I was so sore and wasn’t used to feeling like that anymore. But then the 3rd and 4th days were easier because I was getting used to it again. It’s too bad about my knee but the rest felt good.

Although I took an extra PIIT28 rest day, I haven’t taken a day off from the #adorethecore challenge. Each day (except for the 3rd day when we were planking) has been difficult. I’ve been doing short videos for the most part. The 1st day has been my favorite so far.

If you haven’t started #adorethecore, you can jump in any time. I don’t know if you’ll win anything, but winning something shouldn’t be your main motivation anyway. It’s all about building up core strength. If you’re already doing it, good job with what you’ve done so far and good luck with the rest of the challenge! What’s been your favorite move so far?

Starting in August…

It’s a little early for me to be posting again but I wanted to announce things starting in August.

PIIT28 1.0

Yep! I’ll be starting another round of PIIT28! I’ve been doing strength training but no cardio and that totally shows whenever I do even the slightest cardio. Huffing and puffing all over the place. I’ve always been a huffer and puffer – it doesn’t say much about how long or hard I can go – but I need to be able to talk in class so my students can understand me sooooo…I need to retrain my cardio side.

This is a month-long challenge. Whoever wants to join me, come on and join! It’s fun! If you’d like more information on what PIIT28 is, read my PIIT28 1.0 page. All in the info you need is all right there. Links to free PIIT workouts on YouTube (though not part of the PIIT28 program), my own personal reviews on all the workouts in the 1.0 program, links to buy the program if you don’t already have it, etc.


That brings me to the next point…

POP Pilates Classes

That’s right! I’ll be teaching 2 POP Pilates classes every week of August at my local YMCA…minus the 1st week because the building is closed for annual maintenance. Starting August 9th, every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:15-12:45, I’ll be teaching a 30-minute POP Pilates Express class. Classes will be held in the Aerobics Room in the YMCA’s 18th St building. These classes will be held in Hastings, NE.

POP August Classes

And last but not least…

#adorethecore IG Challenge

Cassey Ho is hosting an IG challenge starting August 1st. It’s called #adorethecore and will feature daily moves to work your core. Unlike most IG challenges, you’re not going to be doing a move and freezing for a picture. If you want to pose a picture, do your freeze thing and go for it, but make sure to do the full move as well to work that core. While a winner will be chosen and a gift will be given to said winner from POPFlex, the real goal of this IG challenge is to gain a stronger core.

Visit Cassey’s IG account, @blogilates, for the rules or click on the picture below to go straight to her post on it.


For more information on how to do this challenge (and each move), read Cassey’s blog post on it – 28 Day Ab Challenge.

Hope to see people participating! Good luck this month!

PIIT28 Round 2

Round 2 of PIIT28 officially started April 1st but who cares about that. Everyone is on their own journey and we start and finish on our own time and at our own pace. I myself started April 4th.

What’s different about Round 2?

  • Cassey’s added in 2 new videos.

One is named Stronger 1.0 and the video itself is 26 minutes long. It’ll be done on the Rest Day that we had in round 1. What happens to the rest day then? It doesn’t exist anymore. While I balked at this idea, I know Cassey would never suggest we do something unhealthy or dangerous. This was her response when I voiced my concern on the PIIT28 board for the Stronger video:

“We’ve gotten feedback from other PIITsters who want to stay active on Rest Days. So instead of cardio, we are focusing on strength training only on Rest Days. If it’s too much, then listen to your body and rest. If you feel up for it, go for it! But don’t guilt trip yourself into doing it. The requirement for Round 2 is the same as Round 1. But if you want and ONLY if you want, you can take my advice for Round 2 bonus videos.”

Who else feels uber special when Cassey replies to them? My reaction was total fan girl when I saw her response. Cassey is my version of a celebrity so in my mind my fav celebrity is talking to me.

Please hold while I have another fan girl moment.


Don’t judge me…

The 2nd new video is Flat Abs Fix 1.0. This will be done after every single workout (minus the new Stronger 1.0 workout). The video is 18 minutes long. I think you can figure out what it’s going to work on you.

This whole program is meant to give you results and seriously work your body in less than 30 minutes (not counting the warm-up and stretching afterwards) so if you really don’t have time to do this extra ab video, don’t feel bad. You’ve seen the results (if you’ve been looking on Instagram) so you know it’s possible to rock your abs without the video. This is just extra for the people who really want it.

If you want the extra ab work but can’t give that much time, Cassey says to do the Ultimate 2016 Ab Workout instead- it’s 10 minutes.

I’m going to try to do these 2 new videos when I’m supposed to, but I’m not making any guarantees this time.

So if you’re on round 2 or will at some point in time be doing a 2nd round of PIIT28, it’s your choice if you feel strong/energetic (or have time) enough to do these extra videos. If you can’t or just decide not to, that’s fine. But it’s an option if you’re interested.

What’s also changed is that Cassey has now made videos for the warm-up and the 3 stretching routines. Before, she had pictures and instructions – printables – for what to do. She still has those but now she also has videos because we all love videos. Also, people are already asking for printables for the 2 new videos for when we have no wifi, so she may provide that in the future as well. Fingers crossed.

So! If you’ve already bought the PIIT28 program, you’ll notice that there are 6 new videos already in your library. If you haven’t, now you know that they will be there if you do buy it. The cost has not changed.

Have fun and good luck!

Click on the above picture to buy the PIIT28 program

Click on the above picture to buy the PIIT28 program

Round 1 Measurements + 28 Day Reset Meal Plan

Here are my final measurements and before/after pics so we can all see the physical differences. Keep in mind that this is WITHOUT the 28 Day Reset meal plan. When I try to change both my eating and my exercise habits, I fail with everything so I opted for the exercise. My diet was junk.

Measurements (March 1st / April 3rd)

  • Bicep: L 12″, R 12.5″ / L 12.25″, R 12.75″ (+)
  • Bust: 40″ / 40″
  • Chest: 32.5″ / 33″ (+)
  • Waist: 35.5″ / 35.5″
  • Hips: 45″ / 44.75″ (-.25″)
  • Thigh: L 23.75″, R 23.5″ / LR 24″ (+)

I didn’t weigh myself in the beginning, but I’ve gained several pounds. No, it’s not muscle. My weight had held consistently at 188lbs the last couple months (whenever I remembered to check it that is, which wasn’t all that often) and only rose in the last couple of days when I was eating lots of salty foods along with dairy and gluten. So this is water retention and bloating. I’ll make sure to weigh myself at the start of Round 2.

March 1 - April 3 eating junk

March 1 - April 3 every view eating junk

Disappointing, isn’t it? It is for me. This is proof that you can’t reach your fitness/health goals with exercise alone. You need a good diet as well if you want to see the 6 pack you killed yourself to get (if indeed you were working for that). I worked my butt off in this program and I made excellent physical progress but you can’t see it because I ate junk.

This doesn’t include the awesome progress I made inside as well. I wrote a post before about the ways I’ve changed that don’t include my physical appearance that make me super happy and super proud – Different Kinds of Progress. I’ve already talked about that. This time I’m only talking about the physical changes.

You can call me vain and shallow if you want. You can say I’m a victim of cultural pressure to look “pretty” or “skinny.” It doesn’t matter. I’ve never liked the fat on me. I don’t mind having fat, but I currently have too much of it and that does not make me happy.

I am overweight and my BMI is not in the healthy range. I don’t understand why people don’t get this.

I’m not putting myself down, I’m stating a medical fact.

I’m not being swayed by cultural influence and pressure. I’m not suffering from self-hate. Yes, I’m fat. I accept that. Just because I call myself fat doesn’t mean I hate myself. Just because I want to change doesn’t mean I hate myself. The fat is not part of me. It just happens to be on me.

Wanting to improve myself doesn’t mean I hate myself. It actually means I love myself enough to want to be the best I can be.

Penguins are super cute and I love them. That doesn’t mean I want to waddle like one (although I do walk like this after pretty much every PIIT28 workout, especially if it’s Leg Day).

waddling penguins

With that in mind I’m going to give myself the biggest challenge I can – I’m going to change my diet. I don’t mean that I’m going to go on a diet. Oh goodness no. That’s completely different. I’m going to change my eating habits.

I eat junk now. Chili cheese conies, pizza, nachos, etc. Junk. I need to be eating fruits and veggies. Other people have noticed awesome changes in their body, inside and out, doing Cassey Ho’s 28 Day Reset. I know from experience that eating clean like this (or at least cleaner in my case) has awesome effects on the body.

When I ate healthier, I felt clean and energetic and healthy and happy. After eating junk again for the longest time, I always feel bloated and gross. I can easily win a burping and farting contest with my dad because I’m always so full of gas from my food now. My tongue is happy because it grew up on this stuff, but I know it can be happy again on healthy food.

Seriously, this is going to be harder for me than exercising. I love food and I love to eat. Food has always been my go to for everything. Celebration, boredom, depression. Everything. And I’ve eaten mostly junk since childhood. I’ve always been a porky piggy. Now I want to be a healthy piggy.

Wish me luck with that! I’ll need it.


Time for the 28 Day Reset.

Click the above picture to sign up and get The 28 Day Reset

Click the above picture to sign up and get The 28 Day Reset

PIIT28 Finale. I survived!

Let’s get right down to it! Here are my reactions to the last week of PIIT28.

PIIT28 1.7: Core Crusher

Round 1: emoji confused Round 2: emoji persevering Round 3: emoji confounded Round 4: emoji triumph emoji hugging

First day back after a break is always the hardest for me. I’m naturally a couch potato and my body is quite happy to sit around and do nothing so after a week of not exercising, my body wasn’t the happiest camper getting pushed again. But by the last round it was easier to get my butt moving.

PIIT28 1.8: Dancer’s Legs emoji hugging emoji flexed bicep

Round 1:  emoji booyahRound 2:   emoji winkingemoji crying Round 3: emoji confounded emoji triumph Round 4: emoji dizzy deademoji skullemoji ghost

emoji hands celebrationemoji peace out victoryI was actually impatient for my mom to wake up so I could start doing this workout. My exercise area is right above her room and she doesn’t sleep well at night (sometimes she doesn’t sleep at all in fact) so I have to wait till 10-11am before I can be decent about waking her up by jumping on her ceiling.

Once I got going though, I just about died. Lots and lots of hopping. Those Plank Jack Donkey Kicks…jeez. I was able to hop through the jacks the whole time but the donkey kicks… I made it through a little over half the 1st round before having to walk through those for the rest of the subsequent rounds.

PIIT28 1.9: Sleek & Sexy Back

Round 1: emoji flexed bicep emoji peace out victory Round 2: emoji sweat emoji triumph Round 3: emoji screaming face emoji sweatemoji sweat Round 4: emoji skull emoji ghost

Can my arms be any more dead than they feel right now? Holy cow! My triceps were screaming the whole time! So were my thighs for that matter. WTH! So many hops. Hops of death. I had to use modifications for one of the moves because my legs were still dead from the day before.

PIIT28 1.10: Fat Burn Fest emoji persevering

Round 1: emoji wink kiss heart Round 2: emoji tongue and closed eyes Round 3: emoji flexed bicepemoji hands celebration emoji sweat Round 4: emoji triumph emoji sweat emoji dizzy dead

OMG! Today was a killer on my triceps! After yesterday’s workout…jeez. And here I thought they were tired before. My arms just about died today! My triceps are getting so strong. Big smile here! The weather outside was curl up in a blanket and read a book while drinking coffee or cocoa so I really didn’t want to get my butt in gear. After I got started, though, I forgot myself and just did it. I was so happy afterwards despite being supremely tired. I NAILED those jumping lunges! WooHoo! Everything about this was a killer. Everything.

PIIT28 1.5: Cardio Camp

Round 1: emoji wink kiss heartemoji dancer Round 2: emoji smiling eyes big smileemoji flexed bicep Round 3: emoji sweat emoji booyah Round 4: emoji tongue and closed eyes emoji sweat emoji flexed bicep emoji dancer

Totally rocked out to the music today. Somehow this was easier than the rest of the week’s been. Maybe I’m finally getting used to this particular workout. My shoulders/arms were lovin’ the break and my legs weren’t threatening to go on strike. I’m getting stronger! Yay! I had so much fun today. Only 1 more workout for round 1!

PIIT28 1.11: Bubble Butt 

Round 1: emoji head bandageemoji peace out victory Round 2: emoji unamuased Round 3: emoji happy smiling Round 4:emoji smiling-face-with-sunglassesemoji relieved

*Note* That face for round 2 was because my son was complaining about a DVD skipping so I had to suffer through his negative melodrama before I had enough and cleaned the disc off.

I wanted so much to work harder on this last day of round 1 of PIIT28, but I couldn’t. My knees have been hurting again. I had to ice them yesterday after a couple weeks of not needing to. Icing them again right now. While I was out grocery shopping this morning, my left knee kept feeling like it was going to pop out if I moved wrong. UGH!

But I did my workout and I kept it careful. Any sign of real pain and I would’ve stopped but I kept my movements down. This means, of course, that I had to modify two of the moves that required tons of jumping. One I kept jumping just not at the same intensity; the other I had to step through the movements. It sucked. But I still got a good butt workout and I still worked up a sweat.

I hate it when my knees threaten to go on strike.

AH! Finally! There were times I wondered if I was going to survive. But I made it and I’m stronger than ever! I feel like I could take on the world!!

What will I do now that this is over? Do it again of course!!! Yeah, I’m crazy, but I am seriously loving how I feel doing this program. And Cassey Ho’s added 2 extra videos to add in for round 2 PIIT28. Yeah, it’s not just me who’s crazy. Lots of people are.

I started to write all about what I’ll be in for with Round 2, but it turned out super long and I hate it when that happens. It’s boring and exhausting reading mega posts that are well over 1000 words. So I’ll just have more posts than usual this week.

Click on the above picture to buy the PIIT28 program

Click on the above picture to buy the PIIT28 program