March PIIT28 Continued (2nd Half of 2nd Week)

I did the first couple days of the 2nd week of PIIT28 before because it was my birthday and I didn’t want to put up all 6 PIIT days at once. As you saw in the first week, that makes a long post. So here we’re looking at 3/10 – 3/12.

3/10/16 PIIT28 1.9: Sleek & Sexy Back

This…killed my triceps. OMG were they screaming. But they survived and I survived and it was all good. I’m just glad I was spared a million kinds of push-ups this time around.

Fav move time! Ever since Cassey first introduced the Pushing Grasshopper, I’ve loved it. You’re working your triceps and butt/lower back with this move. It actually killed this time because there was so much triceps work this time around.

Pushing Grasshopper - Start in the 1st position, then do a half cobra (tricep push-up), after you lower lift your legs

Pushing Grasshopper – Start in the 1st position, then do a half cobra (tricep push-up), after you lower lift your legs

I remember I had to work super hard to get my triceps strong before but after having let myself go, they’re all weak again. Working them again feels harder than before but that’s most likely because I let the muscles atrophy and I’m not used to the burn anymore. And good grief is Cassey making my triceps burn.


3/11/16 PIIT28 1.10: Fat Burn Fest

Total body workout today! Man are my triceps sore from yesterday. They just want to fall off and never return. They’re not thrilled after today’s workout either, but the don’t hurt. It’s the good burn, not the bad. I had to modify the first move in the first round to allow my knees time to warm up, but by the next cardio move I was good to go.

Once more my favorite move is the one that totally killed me. I’m putting it up as my fav move this time instead of perhaps one of the easier strengthening moves because I’ve made such progress on it.

Burpee - Jump up, place hands on the mat, jump legs back into plank, do a push-up, jump feet back towards hands, jump up

Burpee – Jump up, place hands on the mat, jump legs back into plank, do a push-up, jump feet back towards hands, jump up

Cassey’s advanced form of the burpee has a push-up in it which I never wanted to do because it made my arms so tired (but I did it anyway…once or twice in a session). This time I added that push-up every single time and I was able to actually jump out and then jump back in close to my hands. A complete burpee!! YAY!!!

My burpees were slow and the push-ups were modified on my knees but I still did the whole thing and boy did my heart rate soar. I have a hazy dream that I’ll be able to do this kind of burpee unmodified someday. Looks like I’m one step closer!

3/12/16 PIIT28 1.5: Cardio Camp

No, I didn’t make a mistake. I thought there was a typo at first on the calendar but then I realized that there’s pure cardio every 6th day. Shudder. That’s the day when this program is most like a HIIT workout. Bam bam bam. Cardio cardio cardio.

I’ve already discussed this workout and given a move so I won’t go into it again.

Has anyone else noticed that you’re sweating buckets with these workouts? I sweated a bit in 1.1 Abdomination but it wasn’t too bad. However, by day 3 I was sweating more and more. Since last week’s 1.5 Cardio Camp, I’ve been drenched in sweat every single time. I also started to think it was getting easier. It’s not. It felt like Cassey gave me a “break” for 1 or 2 days before wailing on me with the cardio moves again.

The moves by themselves can give a good workout and some of them seem super easy at first. But when you combine them with all the other cardio moves, even separated as they are in this program, you’re really feeling even the simple hopping moves. It’s horrible! Awesome but horrible. Awesomely horrible.

It’s comments like that that make my family think I’m crazy.


Tomorrow’s a rest day (thank goodness!) and then Monday will be the last new PIIT28 workout. After that we repeat the 1st 2 weeks.

Click on the above picture to buy the PIIT28 program

Click on the above picture to buy the PIIT28 program

*NOTE* I’ve taken out the gifs of Cassey actually doing the exercises because they came from the PIIT28 package and I don’t want to accidentally infringe on copywrite laws. The pictures here now are screenshots from some of her free POP Pilates/PIIT Youtube videos.


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