Birthday + Continued PIIT28

It’s my birthday and I’ll sweat if I want to, sweat if I want to, sweat if I want to. You would sweat too if you love to eat food!

And I do. So much. My birthday was Tuesday, March 8. I meant to post that day but it didn’t happen because I never got around to it. My son was super disappointed that my birthday wasn’t exciting with lots of presents and cake so he wrapped more of his toys to give to me. I didn’t want cake though so I went out and got chocolate muffins, stuck an old question mark candle in mine, and pretended it was a cake. Finally he was satisfied.

muffin cupcake

3/7/16 PIIT28 1.6: Booty Lift

Sunday (3/6) was a rest day (thank goodness!) so I continue with Monday’s workout. It was a butt day. Although it was hard, it went by surprisingly fast. The first round always goes by quickly because I’m doing the moves for the first time but then the 2nd round went by just as quickly. I was happily surprised. But then the 4th round finished and I was all, “What? I’m done? COOL!”

The workout was easier than usual too but that, I know, was all me. There were jumping lunges but I don’t trust my fitness level with that yet so I walk it instead of jump it so, although I got a good amount of cardio, it wasn’t as much as I would’ve gotten had I not modified that move.

This time I’m going to give a shout out to my fav moves instead of the hardest ones. So my fav move in this workout was, oddly enough, the Wall Squat.

Wall Squat - squat against a wall (sorry I couldn't find a pic of Cassey herself doing it)

Wall Squat – squat against a wall (sorry I couldn’t find a pic of Cassey herself doing it)

I was able to go a lot lower than I used to be able to do. Yay! So excited! Although this was supposed to be a “cardio” move, it allowed me to catch my breath. I still felt the thigh burn and my legs started shaking on that last round. I could have gone lower but I was already at a 90 degree angle and you shouldn’t go past that because you could hurt your knees.

3/8/16 PIIT28 1.7: Core Crusher

Did this workout crush my core? Yes, yes, it did. Was I able to give the whole thing more than I did last week? Yes, yes, I did. YAY! I totally crushed this workout! It killed me but I did it! I can all ready feel the difference in my strength and endurance. So psyched!

My fav move from this workout was the Side Lunge Hops.

Side Lunge Hop - hop to one side to lunge to the side then hop to the other side and lunge to that side

Side Lunge Hop – hop to one side to lunge to the side then hop to the other side and lunge to that side

They’re so fun and it gets the wind going a bit to dry my sweat. This move was also done in the first workout – 1.1 Abdomination. I was so winded doing this move that day and I got so tired. This time the move was invigorating and I was able to power through it the whole time without getting so winded. I’d huff and puff but it wasn’t exhausting like it was that first day. Signs of progress! Woo!

3/9/16 PIIT28 1.8: Dancer’s Legs

Oh…My…I don’t think I even had breath or energy to think of cusses this time. Actually, I haven’t cussed at all since PIIT28 started which is weird for me because whenever I really feel the burn and get super tired, I tend to at least mentally cuss out the instructor whoever they may be. I mean it in the nicest way of course. But I’ve been having so much fun doing PIIT28 and focusing on really pushing myself that I haven’t even thought insults.

Today was super hard, but I won’t mention the worst, most evil move this time. I’ll give my favorite. Oh goodness. My favorite. I think I died halfway through the workout so it’s hard to decide what killed me the least or at least which one I enjoyed doing while I died.

Okay, so I lied. I guess I did mention the most evil, diabolical move. But I didn’t mention it because it killed me more than anything else. I mentioned it because I could actually DO the plank jacks!

Plank Jack Donkey Kick - Start in plank, jump out then back in, then jump your feet toward your butt to kick it

Plank Jack Donkey Kick – Start in plank, jump out then back in, then jump your feet toward your butt to kick it

I somehow managed to do the entire move the first round. I was so super dead by the 2nd round that I modified it by walking through the whole thing. Then the 3rd round I alternated between walking the whole thing out and jumping through the jacks while walking through the donkey kicks. By the 4th round I was able to do the plank jacks again but had to walk through the donkey kick.

That donkey kick part MURDERED my thighs till I could barely kick at all in the first round. But I’m super proud of myself for having done the plank jacks over half the time. Yay! Now I can die in peace.

I’ll continue with the rest of this week’s workouts later. Only 3 more new ones! After that we go back to 1.1. I’m already seeing signs on my body of progress! More muscle definition. More muscle period. I can feel it and see it and I’m not even halfway done!

Click on the above picture to buy the PIIT28 program

Click on the above picture to buy the PIIT28 program

*NOTE* I’ve taken out the gifs of Cassey actually doing the exercises because they came from the PIIT28 package and I don’t want to accidentally infringe on copywrite laws. The pictures here now are screenshots from some of her free POP Pilates/PIIT Youtube videos.


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