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My First HIIT Class!

I taught my first HIIT class! Every Saturday there’s an hour-long HIIT class from 9-10am. We have a rotating instructor schedule so the class format is always changing based on who’s teaching it. For those who don’t know…

  • H – High
  • I – Intensity
  • I – Interval
  • T – Training

Now, an hour is QUITE a long time for a HIIT class. A good HIIT workout can you leave you exhausted after just 30 minutes. I thought I had seen another instructor shorten their cycling class (another rotating instructor schedule) to 45 minutes so I thought I’d do the same. Now, it’s been almost a year since I went to that class so I’m probably not remembering that correctly. Anyway, I pushed and wiggled my way into the HIIT rotation schedule and my director finally agreed!

And then she told me I had to keep it to the full hour.

This was pretty much my reaction:

Yep. In instances like this, when I’m in doubt, I smile and fake it. I was freaking out a bit on the inside, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. Let’s face it, the longer the class, the more the money. And then being able to do that intense of a class for a whole hour?? Yeah, I was happy and super nervous.

Well Saturday came around and BAM! I nailed it! I was really wanting to do a PIIT class but, as you know, that’s a paid-for program so that would be a big no-no. Stealing is a bad thing. But they gave me permission to make it my own. PIIT wouldn’t have worked for an entire hour anyway.

I kept with the intervals of cardio and strength training moves but obviously did more with it. I can’t work the lower body for an hour at that intensity. What about the rest of the body? Nope. Not happening.

My HIIT plan:

8 moves in a round alternating cardio and strengthening. 6 rounds total: 2 rounds for legs // arms // core. 45s for each move with a break between each move and each round. Warm-up in the beginning and Stretching at the end. In an added attempt to change it from PIIT, I made sure the moves I used were moves you’d find in other classes/workouts.

I didn’t bother timing the breaks. Just long enough for me to show the next move and then enough time to get some water between rounds. My students came in a bit late so I had to cut up the 2 rounds of core to stay in our 1-hr time frame. Stretching still knocked us over but there was no class after ours so it was okay.

After class I was all…

I definitely want to do that again! Turns out my hubby was really anxious too. I had told him it would be a difficult class (I was right, it was) so he was worried for me. Now we’re both proud I can kick people’s butts without killing myself in the process.

Next time I’ll do 30s each move to accommodate for any longer breaks that might accidentally happen (or students arriving late) so I don’t have to cut into the rounds of core. I’ll also do harder core moves (cardio moves that incorporate the core more) because my core wasn’t sore or tired at all. My arms were pretty darn pooped though. I may incorporate weights sometime in the future too. I like body weight moves but we’ll see.


February – Week 1


This month I’m going to do my best to follow Cassey Ho’s February 2016 calendar. It won’t be perfect, of course, because her calendars are super hard, but I’m going to try to do as many of the listed daily videos as I can.


I’m also doing three yoga/pilates challenges – #FabYouUp, Power Girl Challenge, #YogalatesLove. Only one of them lasts the whole month. The other 2 end around Valentine’s Day.

Unless otherwise specified, the needed equipment is just an internet connection for Youtube or the Blogilates app.

#YogalatesLove challenge

#YogalatesLove – Day 1

2/1/16 Strong Arms:

Insert many expletives. My ARMS!!! Not really the arms though as the shoulders. More expletives. My shoulders have never been very strong and now they’re even weaker. I actually missed the last arm workout because my son had an accident right before bed so I had to stop and take care of him. By the time he was feeling better, I had run out of time to do the last video.

Power Girl Challenge #getreadyhereicome

Power Girl Challenge – Day 2 #getreadyhereicome

2/2/16 Cardio Core:

The Sleek Tank Top Arms was the missed video from the day before. Dang! My poor shoulders! Couldn’t bring myself to do the other three videos listed for the day. Although it was technically only two because I wasn’t subscribed to the actual monthly calendar until later so I didn’t have access to that 3rd video. Even just those three videos kicked my butt though. My shoulders were screaming for mercy!


#FabYouUp Day 3

#FabYouUp – Day 3

2/3/16 Luscious Legs:

Broke this into 2 bouts. 2 leg videos in the morning and then the other 3 videos in the afternoon. Hips needed the break as they wanted to DIE. It never ceases to amaze me how much muscle I’ve lost.

#FabYouUp Day 4

#FabYouUp – Day 4

2/4/16 HIIT Me Up!:

I threw up a bit in my mouth during that last one. Worked myself sooooo hard. I could barely even do the last one when it got on the floor. My shoulders feel like they want to fall off. Cassey REALLY works the shoulders in her videos!

Power Girl Challenge - Day 5

Power Girl Challenge – Day 5

2/5/16 Relax + Refresh:

Missed. At least this was a rest day so I didn’t really miss much, just some really useful stretching videos. Oh well. Rest is rest and it was much needed.

#YogalatesLove - Day 6

#YogalatesLove – Day 6

2/6/16 Total Body Torture:

Missed. Again. At least I did my February challenges.

Those last two days were so difficult! Oh wait. I didn’t do anything. Pfft. My body was super sore and so tired before. Since I feel tons better today (Sunday, though I’m still a bit tired), I think my body needed the rest. I really kicked my workouts up a notch this last week and I wasn’t used to the intensity, especially with my shoulders.