CPT + PIIT28 3.0 + POPFlex Dark Bloom + Silver Sneakers

~ Couch Potato Triathlon ~

The Couch Potato Triathlon is nearing its end. 2 weeks left and it’ll be all over (Feb 19th). I thought for sure I’d zoom through the cycling and walking/running portion and have difficulty with the swimming portion but that’s not quite how it worked out. I have been zooming through the walking portion (I’m walking, not running) so I’ve backed off from it to focus on the other two.

Cycling takes more time than I thought it would and swimming takes less time. Still, it’s been difficult getting my butt in gear with swimming only because it’s such a bother carrying so much stuff to swim and then getting all cleaned up afterward.

Here’s what I still have left:

  • Swimming – 29.5 laps
  • Cycling – 48.8 miles
  • Walking – 6.8

~ PIIT28 3.0 ~


Click the above to go to PIIT28 1.0. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for links for 2.0 and 3.0.

Oh my holy cow!! If you thought PIIT28 1.0 was tough, you’re never going to believe what Cassey has in store for everyone this time! Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do it, but I’ve bought it anyway so I can tell people about it. And there’s nothing preventing me from doing individual moves to see how they feel etc.

*Disclaimer: It is not just recommended that you complete PIIT28 1.0 and 2.0 before starting 3.0, it is a requirement. Likewise, you should not do 2.0 before completing 1.0. These are DIFFICULT programs and if you do them before you’re ready, you may get injured because your body isn’t ready for it. Do not blame me for injuries sustained in the course of these programs.*

Can I just say real fast how much I LOVE Cassey’s outfit in this 3.0 cover picture? Much more my style than her near-nakedness in 1.0 and the leotard in 2.0. I love how badass she looks here.

I’ll be checking out PIIT28 3.0 later and writing up a blog on it after I’ve done some of the moves to see what it’s like. But there’s good news! I looked through it real fast and found no Up-Up Down-Down Plank Jacks. Those look ridiculously hard, not only strength-wise but for coordination! And there are still some “easy” moves like Butt Kicks and Oil Riggers. Yay!

By the way, remember when I said I would complete PIIT28 1.0 with low impact modifications? I did and I didn’t. Way back in the day I pushed too hard and hurt my hip flexors (that crease on the front of your hips where you bend over?). They’ve both been super tight since then, especially since I also spend a lot of time sitting down typing on the computer, so it tends to hurt big time if I do a ton of squats or leg raises etc. In order to modify the high impact cardio moves in PIIT28 1.0, I had to squat a lot. It was a really good option but my hip flexors started screaming at me after awhile so I had to stop.

Other than that, if you have no hip flexor issues like I do, you can totally benefit from PIIT28 1.0. Modifying the high impact moves into low impact will take a lot of the burn out, but it’s still a really good workout. So don’t feel like you can’t do PIIT28 if you can’t do high impact moves. Low impact cardio moves will still make you burn and sweat.

And remember! You may have a 6-pack but no one will ever see it if you don’t eat well. Of course, it’s perfectly fine if no one ever sees it – mine is safely tucked away behind layers of insulating fat. That is totally fine. But if you do want people to see it, you have to eat well.


Click the above pic to go to the 28-Day Reset Meal Plan. Available in Vegan as well!

~ POPFlex Dark Bloom Collection ~

The 2nd half of the POPFlex Dark Bloom Collection is being released TODAY!!!! Yay!!! You can get a sneak peak at 9:30am PST when Cassey and Lexi go live on FB to reveal their favorite pieces from the new collection. The entire collection will be available to see and buy at 10:00am PST. I, unfortunately, will be in the middle of teaching my POP class when this happens and then swimming for that CPT but I really have no $ to buy anything yet anyway. I have a growing wishlist and a birthday coming up, but I don’t think people will give me enough to get my entire wishlist. I’ll have to choose veeeeeeryyyy carefully and hope things aren’t sold out in my size when the time comes.

Imagine this design on the new Wishing Star Capris…


Click the above pic to go to POPFlex


~ Silver Sneakers ~

Last but not least, come March I’ll be getting certified in 3 new group x classes – Silver Sneakers: Classic, Silver Sneakers: Cardio Circuit, and Silver Sneakers: Yoga. Seems we might be running low on instructors in the future. I should be taking over the SS: Cardio class later on and subbing for the other two when needed. Yay! My repertoire is growing!

I was looking at other formats to teach like Barre, but the director said they tried a Barre class before and it didn’t work out so well. People didn’t care. Surprising since people like POP and it seems pretty similar…Maybe it was the timing or the instructor? Who knows. It doesn’t matter too much because I’m not getting certified in it right now. I may pursue it later, but not right now.


About Katie St. John-Shin

I believe in living life and not letting it pass you by. I mean, come on, if you really want to do something but don't have the courage to do it so you let the opportunity disappear, you may regret it for the rest of your life. How can you know what you're capable of unless you go for it? Like every writer, I naturally plan on becoming world-famous (not really). I love reading, writing, fitness, coffee, watching my favorite movies/shows, listening to music, and trying new things even if they're sometimes terrifying. I'm a writer, a group fitness instructor, a personal trainer, and a nutter for doing all of the above.

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