Quick Update

So I saw the doctor today and it really is tendinitis in my thumb. It’s flared up again most likely due to extensive texting (pretty much just typing everything on my phone instead of on a computer anymore…except for my blogs posts). So I’m back to wearing the thumb brace that I originally wore when I first got tendinitis in that thumb.

Isn't my thumb brace beautiful? So my thumb's been hurting again cuz I text too much and I already had tendinitis soooo it's back to the thumb brace! I forgot for how long. Maybe till my follow up appt in 4 weeks? I can take it off when I exercise though which I would've done anyway because I can't do a plank with this thing on. I'm not allowed to text so much either. So I'm doing this with a finger on my other hand. So many typos to correct and it's so much slower. 😣 I'm not allowed to run either cuz my knees can't take it. Whaaat?? 😫 So much for that Frozen Turkey Trot in November. PIIT28 should work as a replacement. It worked back in March anyway. Not daily though. I'd get bored. #norunning #health #thumb #tendinitis #brace #badknees #injuriessuck

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I’ve been told to wear it all the time except for when I exercise which is a good thing because I can’t do a plank in this thing. Talk about practicing what I preach about using modifications! For those of you wondering, you’d modify the plank by going on your forearms. You can also modify the plank jack by going on your forearms. Same with downward dog…except then it’s called a dolphin.

I’m also not allowed to run anymore because it’s killing my knees. I didn’t ask about plyometrics because he could have one of two answers – 1) Tell me to use my best judgement, 2) Tell me not to do it. I’ll do my best to use good judgement on this one.

It didn’t hurt me back in March when I did it and my knees have been injured for about 5-6 years so I’m going to go with that. I modified the moves back in March to accommodate my knees when I needed it and I’ll do the same this time. If at any time my body gives a red light, I’ll stop. Oddly enough, it’s just running I have a hard time stopping. Everything else I have no problem easing up on. Go figure.

So no running in my schedule anymore. PIIT28 will completely replace it.

I took Before/After pictures after I posted last time. I’m so happy with them!

img_7814 img_7815 img_7816 img_7817


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