Another Round of PIIT28

True to my word, I did my first day of another round of PIIT28.

PIIT28 1.1: Abdomination

Boy were my abs dominated! And my legs for that matter. Although I was out of breath, my legs are no longer strong enough to work me hard enough with these moves to kill my lungs. Hardest moves for me? Same as always – Plank Jacks and Mountain Climbers.

Why are they the hardest moves for me? Out of all the different moves for cardio that I can do without a machine, moves done while in plank are hardest for me. Think about it, how many muscles do you work when you stand and kick your knees up really high? Now how many do you work when you’re in plank and kicking those same legs up so your weight is temporarily held by your arms?

Try it. Stand and do 10 jumping jacks. Now get down on the ground and do 10 plank jacks. You can feel a difference, yes? Yes. And if you can’t, then you should do more and more until you can feel a difference. I can 20 jumping jacks no problem, but I start to feel the strain with plank jacks around the 10th one. My arms are fine when I’m standing and jumping. They want to die when they have to hold my weight on the floor as I jump. That’s not even mentioning how much my core is working keeping my body straight instead of dipping down or piking up.

I had a helluva time getting ready today because I kept getting sidetracked but I finally did it! And before lunch too. I realized before I was even done with the first round that, while I still had muscle to do POP Pilates, PIIT28 was kicking my butt all over again. Must’ve been the cardio aspect. As I said before, I’ve been pretty lazy with cardio since, well, since the last time I did PIIT28 back in March. I had tried to do a second round before but I only made it a couple days in before I got injured or sick or something that made me stop for a bit and then I didn’t start back up.

While I believe my new Before pics haven’t changed since March, my measurements certainly did…for the worse. As much as I hate to do it, I’m going to post the measurements here. I’ll wait on the pics though.


  • Arms – L 12 3/4″, R 12 7/8″
  • Bust – 41″
  • Chest – 32 1/4″
  • Waist – 37″
  • Lower Belly – 43″
  • Hips – 45 1/2″
  • Thighs – L/R 24 1/2″
  • Weight – 190.4 lbs

abs fat

Bigger and bigger. You know what this is from? All the freaking carbs I’ve been eating combined with sitting on my butt reading and playing games. While I do POP Pilates to practice, that doesn’t even begin to equal the amount of time I sit around and read. I love reading. It makes me forget how big my ass is getting. I’m oozing out to fill in my recliner.

I’m like the blob…except on a much smaller scale. But all of that’s changing because I don’t like my numbers. I’m fine with how I look for the most part but I don’t like how much muscle definition I’ve lost. I like seeing my muscles. I miss seeing them.

Good luck for tomorrow! I’ll update again at the end of the PIIT28 week.

Click on the above picture to buy the PIIT28 program

Click on the above picture to buy the PIIT28 program


About Katie St. John-Shin

I believe in living life and not letting it pass you by. I mean, come on, if you really want to do something but don't have the courage to do it so you let the opportunity disappear, you may regret it for the rest of your life. How can you know what you're capable of unless you go for it? Like every writer, I naturally plan on becoming world-famous (not really). I love reading, writing, fitness, coffee, watching my favorite movies/shows, listening to music, and trying new things even if they're sometimes terrifying. I'm a writer, a group fitness instructor, a personal trainer, and a nutter for doing all of the above.

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  1. I can relate because I’m pretty much sedentary but I workout A LOT. Same I read articles and play games too 😭 really nice to find out that I’m not alone on this boat hahaha. Good luck doing PIIT round 2! 🙂

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