Today my son’s taekwon-do teacher told him he thought he’d be ready to test for his orange belt in August. Honestly, this doesn’t mean much to me as I know people test every 12 weeks or thereabouts in this school. My son missed the most recent testing because he had just started classes back in early June.

It took him perhaps two classes to be okay with always being at the end of the line because he was the newest white belt there. For the Turdlet that was a HUGE accomplishment. So when he heard that he was going to be getting his orange belt (that still sounds weird for me because my school had yellow, not orange), he got super excited.

Do I think he’s ready? Not really, no. His form is sloppy and his discipline is seriously lacking. But he knows how to count to 10 in Korean and he knows the movements he’s supposed to do. I guess that’s enough for a 7-year-old white belt who has issues. I have to give him credit though because he is learning some discipline and self control so far and he’s taken to this far better than he took to his tennis lessons. Those were torture to watch. From start to finish – pure torture. This is only torture occasionally now.

Honestly, I’m not sure which one of us the class is teaching self control to because I’m constantly being tested on that every class period.

But he is getting better. I will happily admit that. No matter how much I want to shake and slap him into paying attention and stop goofing off, he’s making progress without my intervention and that is so very good.

Now, of course, this means I get to look through his folder to find what he’ll be tested on and start practicing more often on it – maybe every day outside of class in fact. How to fix the little things he’s doing wrong without ticking him off…I have no idea how to do, but we’ll figure it out I’m sure.

While I was looking for what he’ll be tested on, I found a poem that I thought was really good. Really I think everyone should practice the tenets of taekwon-do. They’re good tenets to live by.

  • Courtesy
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Self Control
  • Indomitable Spirit

I won’t give the whole poem but I will give out the two sections I think are really meaningful for everyone.


self control

I wish more people would listen to the second one about self control.


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