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While there are aspects about being a POP Pilates instructor that have me fighting the urge to hyperventilate and hide under the table (can’t go under the bed because the mattress rests on the floor), there are also aspects that are super fun.

I may push myself to be social and outgoing, but in actuality, I’m a very shy introvert. I’d much rather sit in a chair at home and read a book than go outside and talk to people. And talking to strangers in situations I’m not familiar with (or know absolutely zilch about like what I have to do these days) is definitely not something I enjoy doing.

stressed eggs

Although it takes me a long time to work up the courage to do these things, I eventually get them done and have so far survived every encounter…AND not gotten sick in front of everyone. Or fainted. Or turned into a petrified human statue.

Go me!

But this new line of work I’m trying to inch myself forward into also has fun things like making videos and pictures! It’s not mandatory but I’m encouraged to make little POP Pilates videos and motivational pictures.

I am LOVING making both videos and pictures!

The motivation picture about quitting and failing that I added in my last post was one I made (POP Pilates News) as is this one:

get your sparkle on

Perhaps it wasn’t my best work but it was my first with this new app that I got specifically for this kind of stuff – WordSwag. It’s fun! I use the trial version of Pic Collage to get backgrounds and then WordSwag to add in text and the POP logo. I really liked the sparkle background for the above even though it was a little difficult to see the words. Give me a break, it was my first attempt.

I got the iMovie app for my videos. I can edit everything, add effects and text, add in and chop up music, etc. I love it! I may be introverted, but I’ve gotten over my fear of being on videos and putting them on the internet. I mean, no one’s watching when I make the video and when I put it up for people to see, I pretend that they don’t exist and that it won’t be seen.

That was in the beginning. I’m cool with being in videos now because people have been so positive and friendly about my videos that I no longer feel self-conscious about being recorded. I feel a bit self-conscious when I do something super silly like dancing (I’m not a good dancer as you might have noticed in a past post when I recorded myself dancing to the first dance routine in the Dance with Julianne: Just Dance! DVD), but on the whole I don’t mind anymore. And after a few days I no longer think about those videos at all. I move on to the next video or picture.

Here’s my newest video for some POP Pilates Booty Work:

My newest POP Pilates video! If you feel pain when you lie on your back/belly to work your butt, here are 5 exercises to work your booth along with your hips and thighs. •Plie Squats •Side Lunges •Straight Leg Butt Lifts •Fire Hydrants •Hip Circles Remember to work both sides to keep it all even! Keep your core tight, your back straight, and to stay in proper form. If you find you form slipping, move to an easier modification. We want a good workout, not an injury. 😉 Music: "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift (badly edited) Top: POP Pilates logo tank – Blogilates Designs Bottoms: POP booty shorts – POPFlex Mat: Sore Today Strong Tomorrow – Blogilates Designs #soretodaystrongtomorrow #mat #poppilates #poparmy @blogilatesdesigns @blogilates #popflex #passion #popshorts #poppilateslogo #blogifam #goodvibesonly #exercise #workout #lowerbody @poppilatesofficial #booty

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My song editing could use a little work this time around (love the song but not easy to edit), but I still like the video for the moves.

This next one was done about 2 weeks back. It’s a total body POP Pilates workout this time.

Do these moves as many times as you like for a total body workout POP style! •Dancing Animal •Up Up Down Downs •Grasshopper •Candlestick Dipper •Elevated Leg Circles •Jackknives *NOTE* Advanced Up Up Down Down is in plank. Make sure to keep your hips square and don't hula them. Advanced Candlestick Dipper is with hands clasped straight above your head. If your hip flexor hurts during straight leg Jackknife, bend at the knee when you lift the leg. Top: Black Swan Tank #popflex Bottoms: Passion Pop Shorts 2.0 POPFlex Mat: Sore Today Strong Tomorrow #blogilatesdesigns @blogilatesdesigns @blogilates @poppilatesofficial #poppilates #poparmy #blogifam #popsters #goodvibesonly #totalbody #jackknife #dancinganimal #upupdowndown #grasshopper #candlestickdipper #elevatedlegcircles #sweat #outside #beautifulday #sunny #hot #90degrees #fitness

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And my very first POP Pilates video…EVER! An ab workout.

Mini POP Pilates ab workout •5 Roll-Ups •10 Infinity Abs (alt) •30s Earthquake •5 Double Leg Stretches •15s Teaser Repeat as many times as you want. Always keep your core right, your back straight, your shoulders away from your ears, and remember to have fun! 😘 Top: Peekaboo Peplum Top in Magenta from #blogilatesdesigns #bodypop Bottoms: #oldnavy Mat: Sore Today Strong Tomorrow from Blogilates Designs Did I do this video correctly? I really don't know. I'm worried I'm misrepresenting or something. Don't wanna step on any toes. I was so ansy to do this that I totally forgot to wear my #poparmy bracelet! Ugh. Ah well. Next time. #rollups #infinityabs #earthquake #teaser #doublelegstretches #video #miniworkout #poppilates #blogifam #pink @blogilates @poppilatesofficial

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I had never used iMovie before but the basics were pretty easy. This was so fun to make! Every time I make a video, I learn a little more and get a little better. They’ll probably never be perfect but that’s okay because it’s fun!

I’m not used to seeing myself exercise because I’ve never really had a mirror to exercise in front of. Except in group fitness classes and it’s been a looooong time since I’ve been able to take one of those. It’s cool being able to see my muscles working.


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