Dance with Julianne: Just Dance!

Why do I always always always find workout DVDs when they’re already at least several years old? It’s not fair. Just once I’d like to do a workout DVD that’s relatively new. Within the same year kind of new. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the workouts themselves. I’d just like to be able to review something new, that’s all.

I stumbled across two “new” dance workout DVDs at my local library last week. I’ve tried one of them. Yeah, I never got around to the other. I may just have to make a note of the title so I can find it and borrow it again later.

You know the TV show Dancing with the Stars? I love that show. Well, if you’re a fan then you’ll have heard about Derek and Julianne Hough. Awesome brother/sister dancers. Derek took a break last season and Julianne left the show some years back. I knew she was acting in movies etc but I didn’t know she had made several dance workout DVDs.

IMG_5742Dance with Julianne: Just Dance!

Get a lean, toned dancer’s physique! No partner needed. Two-time Dancing with the Stars champion Julianne Hough is ready to share her secret for staying fit: Just Dance! Known for her stylish choreography, sparkling energy and ability to teach anyone to dance, Julianne will lead you through three upbeat routines—no partner needed. You’ll kick and you’ll shake all the while toning your abs, legs, butt, arms—everything! Each fat-burning move is specially designed to keep your heart rate up and help you dance your way into fabulous shape. “In these dances, you’re working your whole body and you don’t even know it,” Julianne says. “It really does work!”

This DVD came out in 2010 and I wish I had found it sooner. The first time I tried it, my sides cramped up during the first dance because I wasn’t used to all that hip and oblique action. My guts were tired! I was sweating and breathing hard. Soooo pooped!

And that was only the first dance. 15 minutes long and I was too tired and didn’t want to continue. Although I used to use another dancing workout DVD (it sits in a box all but forgotten) and I’ve done plenty of Zumba before, I haven’t done any kind of dancing for quite some time so I’m soooooooo not used to this kind of movement anymore. Not to mention that I’m also not used to a whole lot of cardio anymore either.

And did I mention it’s in the 90s outside??!! Our poor apt air conditioner is working so hard but can’t make much of a dent in the heat indoors. Still, 79 degrees is a lot better than 95.

I didn’t want to give up on the DVD though because, although I was tired, sweaty, and had a stitch in my side, it was a fun workout once I got the hang of it. Of course it took me the entire practice to be able to get the hang of it and even then I didn’t do that great a job. But still. I’m not known for my dance coordination skills but at least I have ceased to trip and fall.

…That’s only partially a joke.

So I tried it again. This time I went through all three songs. Each is 15 minutes long and focuses on different things.


The first dance is called Work It and it focuses on, from what I can tell, getting into the groove and just going for it. The second dance is called Flaunt It and it focuses on, well, flaunting it. Being sexy. I suck at being sexy but I caught on to that dance faster than the other two…minus the sexy part. The third and final dance is called Pump It and, as you might be able to guess based on its title, it’s focus is to really get you moving. You work harder in this dance than the other two and this was the one where I literally kept tripping over my own feet. It was so hard! The beginning seemed simple enough and I thought, “Oh I got this! Yeah!” Too soon I was left going, “Whaaa?”

I suppose the movements are simple enough compared to other dance routines I’ve seen but, like I said before, I’m not known for my dance coordination. All in all, I found the first dance to be the easiest but there something in all three that I was good at and something I was supremely bad at. The main thing this video lacked was music. There’s really no music to dance to during the workout. Without any beat to really get me into it, it was more like learning moves, not actually dancing.

Despite my failings though, I had a lot of fun doing this and Julianne is a good teacher. A little difficult to follow at times but a lot easier than other dance DVD teachers.

Here’s my attempt at Work It.

Let me assure you that I had been practicing the dance about four times by this point. And that includes my practice before and during the recording. You do the dance about six or so times each session which was really good for me because it gave me ample time to learn it. By the end of the routine I finally got the hang of it…only to be done with it. But that meant I was that much farther ahead the next day when I tried again.

I found this copy at the library and borrowed it for a week for free, but at $9.46 (plus s&h) for a brand new copy on Amazon, it wouldn’t be expensive to buy. And it’s even cheaper if you get it from a third party through Amazon.


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