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Lately I’ve been trying to increase my flexibility. One of my IG friends posted the above picture on her feed and it made me curious. I knew about @actionjacquelyn – I follow her on IG – but I hadn’t seen any posts about Get Stretchy. Turns out I just missed it. Big surprise.

I discovered Jacquelyn when she modeled for Cassey Ho’s POPFlex activewear line.


The Mermaid Collection is Cassey’s second POPFlex collection. Absolutely gorgeous and so comfy!

I read Jacquelyn’s bio when the Peony Collection (the 1st POPFlex collection) came out and almost cried (yeah, I got all teary-eyed) because it was so touching. When she was growing up, she studied and practiced to be a dancer – a ballerina I think? Correct me if I’m wrong on that. When posed with the question of how she dealt with body image issues from that line of study, she said,

“This is a tricky question, because in the beginning dance made me very self-conscious about my body. Going to ballet class meant dancing and staring at yourself in front of the mirror for 2.5 hours in a leotard and pink tights, and your hair in a bun. There’s no hiding your body underneath baggy sweaters or sweats, or even behind your hair. Your body is out there for everyone to see and judge. 

In the beginning part of my ballet career in high school I obsessed with my body. I had to have every part of it perfect. Or, in my mind, I felt like I wouldn’t get the good roles or the attention I wanted from my teachers, or the respect from my peers. I would go to ballet summer camps and eat just enough to get me through the day, and nothing more. I lost my period, and became anemic. I was beginning to go down a dangerous body dysmorphia path.

I went to college, and gained some weight naturally from eating fast-food with my peers and just being a regular college girl. I was still dancing as a cheerleader for USC, but not having to wear a tiny leotard everyday made eating a burger every now and then seem ok, but I didn’t feel comfortable in my skin anymore. I thought that since I wasn’t a rail anymore that I wasn’t as attractive as I could be.  

Then I went on to be a Clipper Girl and Laker Girl, and I knew that just eating minimally to get by wasn’t going to cut it. When I would diet (and by diet I mean just cut calories), I would be exhausted. I remember thinking maybe I’ll just eat less and not workout – because I was just too tired from “dieting”. Your body just doesn’t work like it does when you’re 16, and I knew something had to change. 

Fast forward to today, where I drink Bulletproof butter coffee everyday, and I’ve never loved my body more. I started to eat healthy fats, grass-fed butter, oils, and realized that I wasn’t giving my body the basic nutrients I needed in order to feel my best. And now that ‘s what I’m after – performing at the peak of my mental capacity and physical potential. I was so afraid that eating too much meant gaining weight – and not being able to do what I love most – dance – but I was so wrong. Eating healthy fats didn’t make me gain weight, and I think my body is stronger than it ever has been. It’s a mental paradigm shift, and I’m so grateful that I went through it because you can’t live the rest of your life by starving yourself to stay thin. It’s not how life was meant to be lived. I’m a super healthy eater, but I definitely let myself eat pizza and Cinnabon rolls – I mean, how could I not?!”

She goes on to say how there are times she still struggles with how she sees herself but how she also loves herself and everything her body is capable of. Sooo…she’s human! Nobody’s perfect. Even someone as strong, flexible, fit, and graceful as Jacqueline Umof can have body image issues from time to time. It’s natural, something everyone experiences and we just have to learn to deal with it and move on rather than let it control us.

“I give my body loving thoughts everyday, and I respect it and honor it, and it shows me respect in return.” – Jacqueline Umof

But this isn’t supposed to be a post about body issues. I just wanted to share a bit from her bio. To read the rest, go check out her bio over here…


Meet the Models // Jacquelyn Umof, Professional Dancer & Yoga Instructor

Anyway, time goes on (not much time as original POPFlex collection only came out last fall or so) and I’m in another IG yoga challenge posting my daily yoga pictures when I see this @actionjacquelyn liking my photos. Who is she? I check her out and she’s one of the models from the collection! “Holy cow!” I thought. “How cool!” So I started following her and the rest is unimportant.

The Get Stretchy program sounded interesting so I clicked on it and it brought me over to her website where the program was on sale for Mother’s Day. $9.99 instead of $49.99. Go mothers! Woo! I figure for that price it wouldn’t make much difference if I decided later on that I didn’t like it so I bought it.

I’m glad I got it when I did because it’s no longer on sale and there are good stretches in the videos.

What’s Included in Get Stretchy:

  • 30 days of videos
  • Flexibility assessment
  • Daily morning/evening stretch and meditation videos
  • Downloadable guide: 14 Stretching Tips
  • BONUS 1 – 25 minute Yoga session for the splits
  • BONUS 2 – 30 minute Feet & Calf stretch session
  • Downloadable calendar to track daily progress

There are 14 different daily videos, 7 for the morning to warm up the body and another 7 for the evening to stretch out your muscles. You do them every day when you wake up and then 30 minutes to an hour before you go to sleep. When you finish the first week, you go through it all again for a total of 30 days. Simple.

On Day 1 you’ll do a flexibility assessment to see where you’re starting and then again on Day 30 to see how far you’ve progressed. There’s also a closed group on Facebook that you can join after you get the program. People there are pretty active and friendly.

I’m currently on Day 6. Do the math. I bought it just before Mother’s Day (May 8) and today is June 7. I should be done or nearly done, but I’m still on my 1st week. That’s because I started Day 1 and then forgot about it for well over a week. Then I started again…and again…and again. The 4th start after I moved to Hastings, NE seemed to be my clicking point and I’ve been very good about doing my AM and PM stretches.

Last night and this morning were super difficult, especially last night. I’ve noticed I’m much more flexible on one side than the other…which is totally normal. It’s too soon to say I’m getting more flexible though I do notice my flexibility comes more easily in the mornings now. My body doesn’t dislike the early morning movements as much as it did in the beginning though my neck still protests…big time. But, then, that’s nothing new for me. I take it a little more easy on the neck movements in the morning so I don’t hurt myself.

Anyway, I’ll wait until the end of my month to make a real judgement about the program but so far it’s enjoyable. Check out Jacquelyn’s site if you’re interested in any of her programs. She’s got a lot more there than just the Get Stretchy program.



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