PIIT28 Round 2

Round 2 of PIIT28 officially started April 1st but who cares about that. Everyone is on their own journey and we start and finish on our own time and at our own pace. I myself started April 4th.

What’s different about Round 2?

  • Cassey’s added in 2 new videos.

One is named Stronger 1.0 and the video itself is 26 minutes long. It’ll be done on the Rest Day that we had in round 1. What happens to the rest day then? It doesn’t exist anymore. While I balked at this idea, I know Cassey would never suggest we do something unhealthy or dangerous. This was her response when I voiced my concern on the PIIT28 board for the Stronger video:

“We’ve gotten feedback from other PIITsters who want to stay active on Rest Days. So instead of cardio, we are focusing on strength training only on Rest Days. If it’s too much, then listen to your body and rest. If you feel up for it, go for it! But don’t guilt trip yourself into doing it. The requirement for Round 2 is the same as Round 1. But if you want and ONLY if you want, you can take my advice for Round 2 bonus videos.”

Who else feels uber special when Cassey replies to them? My reaction was total fan girl when I saw her response. Cassey is my version of a celebrity so in my mind my fav celebrity is talking to me.

Please hold while I have another fan girl moment.


Don’t judge me…

The 2nd new video is Flat Abs Fix 1.0. This will be done after every single workout (minus the new Stronger 1.0 workout). The video is 18 minutes long. I think you can figure out what it’s going to work on you.

This whole program is meant to give you results and seriously work your body in less than 30 minutes (not counting the warm-up and stretching afterwards) so if you really don’t have time to do this extra ab video, don’t feel bad. You’ve seen the results (if you’ve been looking on Instagram) so you know it’s possible to rock your abs without the video. This is just extra for the people who really want it.

If you want the extra ab work but can’t give that much time, Cassey says to do the Ultimate 2016 Ab Workout instead- it’s 10 minutes.

I’m going to try to do these 2 new videos when I’m supposed to, but I’m not making any guarantees this time.

So if you’re on round 2 or will at some point in time be doing a 2nd round of PIIT28, it’s your choice if you feel strong/energetic (or have time) enough to do these extra videos. If you can’t or just decide not to, that’s fine. But it’s an option if you’re interested.

What’s also changed is that Cassey has now made videos for the warm-up and the 3 stretching routines. Before, she had pictures and instructions – printables – for what to do. She still has those but now she also has videos because we all love videos. Also, people are already asking for printables for the 2 new videos for when we have no wifi, so she may provide that in the future as well. Fingers crossed.

So! If you’ve already bought the PIIT28 program, you’ll notice that there are 6 new videos already in your library. If you haven’t, now you know that they will be there if you do buy it. The cost has not changed.

Have fun and good luck!

Click on the above picture to buy the PIIT28 program

Click on the above picture to buy the PIIT28 program


About Katie St. John-Shin

I believe in living life and not letting it pass you by. I mean, come on, if you really want to do something but don't have the courage to do it so you let the opportunity disappear, you may regret it for the rest of your life. How can you know what you're capable of unless you go for it? Like every writer, I naturally plan on becoming world-famous (not really). I love reading, writing, fitness, coffee, watching my favorite movies/shows, listening to music, and trying new things even if they're sometimes terrifying. I'm a writer, a group fitness instructor, a personal trainer, and a nutter for doing all of the above.

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  1. Hi, I noticed in the bottom of the article you said, “If you haven’t, now you know that they will be there if you do buy it. The cost has not changed.” If I buy it, do I get round one and round two and more in the one time price? Or I do have to buy round two? Thanks!

    • Worry not, round 2 is the same as round 1. The PIIT28 package is the same price as it’s always been. It’s just that now it has more in it. “Round 2” is just another name for it for the people who have already completed their first month. Cassey wanted to add some difficulty for them by adding in the Flat Abs and Stronger videos to do along with another round of the same PIIT workouts. But you’ll be getting those videos if you buy the program so there’s nothing to stop you doing them whenever you want.

  2. Hi, i noticed you said, “If you haven’t, now you know that they will be there if you do buy it. The cost has not changed.” I get round one and two and many more at one price right? Or do I have to pay $39 for round two?

  3. Sorry if I have said this a lot. I can’t tell if it’s working lol…
    Hi, i noticed you said, “If you haven’t, now you know that they will be there if you do buy it. The cost has not changed.” I get round one and two and many more at one price right? Or do I have to pay $39 for round two?

    • Hehe No worries. It worked! I’ll use this to explain the rounds better. There are 11 workouts PIIT28 workouts. You do the first 5 the first week, take a rest day, then do 6-10, repeat #5, rest day, do #11, then start over. Sounds complicated when I say it like that. #5 is the pure cardio workout and it’ll always be the day before the rest day. The others you do for 2 weeks before starting again. Your first month is done after that. That’s what Cassey’s calling “round 1” and she’s calling it that because so many people loved the program that they wanted to do it again. Because we’re all stronger by that point, she wants us all to up our game with the 2 new videos she’s added. This would be “round 2.” Nothing is stopping you from doing the new videos right off the bat or not at all. Nothing is stopping you from doing the program as many times as you want or in whatever order or however often as you want. The new videos are added bonus goodies. Gifts. I hope this all helps. It really is a fun program. And the camrarderie is awesome! 😄

      • Thank you so much! This was tremendously helpful. I think I will buy it today! Thank you again and I apologize for the multiple comments. It said it was sent but I never saw it until now! Ha!

      • No problem. I never mind. Comments make me feel special, like getting mail. 😊 Have fun!

  4. Hi:) so I am thinking of buying piit28… But do you think, even if I would do the first round twice, it will still be challenging enough? Or is round 2 free?😊 I am a bit confused😁

    • Round 2 is free as it’s just the same 1.0 that you do the first time around. The only difference is that there’s the option of adding in a couple extra workouts along with everything else. You can do 1.0 as many times as you want before adding in those extra videos if you don’t feel strong enough to do then after that first month.

      You may notice a PIIT28 2.0 lately. That is not Round 2. That is the next step up after you’ve conquered 1.0 and feel ready to move on. It’s part of the PIIT28 series but it’s a separate program so it does not come with the 1.0 package.

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