Cassey’s New Workout Program – PIIT

Cassey Ho has been working on a new way for all of us Popsters to exercise. It’s called PIIT.

Pilates Intense Interval Training

This combines pilates moves with cardio moves and is much like HIIT (high intensity interval training) and circuit training. She loves pilates and she loves/hates HIIT because it gives great results in a shorter amount of time. The magic is in the intervals. I’m sorry about this long infographic but it can explain it all much better than I can.


Interval training is nothing new. So what is so new about Cassey’s new PIIT progam?


I can only see that she’s sticking in pilates moves between cardio moves instead of whatever else.

I love her death and I love following her videos and I love wearing her clothing lines and I love buying her products and I love looking at her pics and reading her blurbs everywhere. I’m super excited that she’s succeeding at her dreams. But I really don’t know what’s so special about her new workout program.

I mean, her first video – Booty PIIT – was all about the butt. It was a totally awesome workout for my legs and butt. I did the video twice yesterday (once for each leg) and I am super sore today. There’s no question about it being a good workout and her being an awesome teacher. But what makes it new or different from what’s already out there?

It combines pilates moves with cardio moves to strengthen the muscles and get the heart rate up.

No, I don’t know why this is different from regular circuit training. Except that you don’t need equipment at all which I’m sure could still be managed in circuit training. I think I need to know more about pilates (the only thing I know about pilates is what’s in her videos) before I can safely give an informed opinion.

In any case, this is exactly the sort of style I’ve grown to love/hate. I may not know why Cassey thinks it’s different and new, but I like it so I’ll continue to do it. It’s convenient that she’s given this video as it means I don’t have to think of my own routine to do the next time I have a leg day.

Here’s her new video – Booty Pop // PIIT:


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