10-Day Hot Yoga Challenge and Beginner’s 2.0 Calendar

Yay! I finished the 10-Day Hot Yoga Challenge! It wasn’t that hard and there were really only 2 new poses for me. The most difficult one was the double pose of going from Tree to Toe Stand.

I kept falling over when I tried to lift my hands off the floor in Toe Stand. Something about balancing on my toes is a lot harder than balancing on my foot. Can’t understand why. *heavy sarcasm*

My biggest accomplishment was the 1st day with Standing Forehead to Knee.

Day 1 - Standing Forehead to Knee Pose - Right Leg

I had no idea I was that flexible! Woo!

My favorite pose was Camel, not because it’s special or anything but because I’ve done it so many times in the past that I decided to have a little fun this time and look at the camera instead of taking a pic of the pose.

Day 10 - Camel Pose

The rest of the 10 days can be found on my Instagram and Facebook. The tutorial videos from Absolute Yoga Academy were good but I wish the poses they chose had been more difficult or at least more different. These were so normal; the everyday stuff that I might have done in a basic yoga class. It was good practice at least.

As for Blogilates, I’m doing a fabulous job keeping up with Cassey’s Beginner’s 2.0 Calendar and her 30-Day Butt Lift Challenge. I thought about doing the 30-Day Flat Abs Challenge again, but I keep not starting it so I guess my subconscious doesn’t want to bother with it right now.

Beginner’s 2.0 isn’t enough some days. Some videos still kick my butt (or my hips to be more specific) but others are easy now. I was super surprised when I did the Bubble Butt video. I remember how much I moaned and groaned when I’d do that video before in the original Beginner’s Calendar back in November. But now? I turned on some background music and was rockin’ out while meticulously following the video. Afterwards I was prancing around shaking my butt to Meghan Trainor’s All About the Bass.

I wasn’t sore or tired at all. I have no doubt Super Butt would still kill my poor butt but at least I have graduated from Bubble Butt!

However, today’s 6min to Sexy Arms video still kills. I have a feeling it’ll always kill. It works my arms/shoulders so much that I actually have to fight off nausea toward the end because I’m in so much burning pain. It’s a good pain, not a bad one, but there’s just so much of it and I have the strength to continue somewhere in me so I do and then I feel queasy. I had to stop today because I was still digesting breakfast and I felt I was at the point of risking that breakfast. Brief pause and then resumed…about 5 seconds later the video was done. ARGH! If only I had held on for another 5 seconds!


About Katie St. John-Shin

I believe in living life and not letting it pass you by. I mean, come on, if you really want to do something but don't have the courage to do it so you let the opportunity disappear, you may regret it for the rest of your life. How can you know what you're capable of unless you go for it? Like every writer, I naturally plan on becoming world-famous (not really). I love reading, writing, fitness, coffee, watching my favorite movies/shows, listening to music, and trying new things even if they're sometimes terrifying. I'm a writer, a group fitness instructor, a personal trainer, and a nutter for doing all of the above.

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