Off the Meds and Diet Change

I’ve run out of the doctor-prescribed Omeprazole (heartburn) and, since the doctor was the one to advise me not to be on Omeprazole for the rest of my life due to its side-effects, I don’t want to ask him for more.

So what do I do when everything gives me heartburn? I found out the meds were also masking the worst of the gluten and dairy side-effects which is why I was able to eat chocolate chip cookies without feeling anything (the meds, however, did not prevent my acne outbreak due to the gluten/dairy…yuck).

Here’s something interesting…


My first order of business is to cut out the dairy and gluten from my diet…again. The gluten has been pretty easy…for the most part. The dairy, however, is a toughie mainly because of the chocolate chip cookies.

All I want to eat these days is chocolate chip cookies but I can’t because when I tried one little Chips A’Hoy cookie, it made me sick to my stomach. Ugh! I’ve had 2 days of healthy “clean” eating (clean = healthy and free of dairy/gluten). The first day I had no heartburn (yay!) but yesterday I got it 3 times. I was really tired so I think that may have exacerbated the problem.

Zantac was able to clear that up though so that’s progress. The heartburn had gotten so bad before that no amount of Zantac would work.

Coffee triggered the heartburn at one time though. Looks like I may have to cut back on it. I could almost cry. Maybe drinking 1 cup in the morning and saving the 2nd for the afternoon would be okay? Sigh.


I don’t know about “raw milk” in the picture above. I’ve never tried it. In place of cow milk, I drink almond milk. I used to drink the dark chocolate almond milk but it became too sugary for me…and chocolate started triggering my heartburn too. Now I stick with unsweetened original almond milk. Only 30 calories and tons more calcium than cow milk! It has, like, 1 gram of protein though FYI.

On a side note, flax seeds are great for constipation. My favorite snack these days is Pumpkin Seed Flax Plus Granola. It’s delicious! Eat 2 servings of that and I’m high-tailing it to the bathroom!

Eating at night and eating when I’m not hungry also have their burning consequences so I’m endeavoring to control how much I eat and when I eat.

It’s difficult, not because I’m hungry but because I’m used to habitually eating.


Not that I can eat ice cream (or even want to anymore), but I thought the piggy picture was cute.

I’ll end this with a laugh…


HAHA! Yeah, I actually don’t eat pig anymore though I indulged the other day with ham in my salad. Yum! Nowadays my bacon is turkey bacon. The best thing would be to cut it out entirely but at least it’s not as fatty as pig.

How do you deal with allergens and having a finicky diet?


About Katie St. John-Shin

I believe in living life and not letting it pass you by. I mean, come on, if you really want to do something but don't have the courage to do it so you let the opportunity disappear, you may regret it for the rest of your life. How can you know what you're capable of unless you go for it? Like every writer, I naturally plan on becoming world-famous (not really). I love reading, writing, fitness, coffee, watching my favorite movies/shows, listening to music, and trying new things even if they're sometimes terrifying. I'm a writer, a group fitness instructor, a personal trainer, and a nutter for doing all of the above.

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  1. Nice post; and that chart about foods that create and eliminate mucus is so helpful! I too need to lay off the gluten and dairy for a specific health conditon, but it is so hard. Good luck with your diet changes!

    Frugality Wise (

    • Thank you! So many people now have to be careful with allergens. Sometimes I wonder if something caused this or if it’s always been around and people just haven’t noticed it. Good luck with your own dietary needs! 🙂

  2. You know there’s gluten in those cookies, right? 😉 Ooh, unless they make a gluten-free cookie now?

    A couple of things I discovered when going off long-term omeprazole:
    1) You can get rebound heartburn as your stomach gets used to functioning normally again. I wanted to die for a week or two when I stopped taking it. The longer you’ve taken it, the worse it has the potential to be.
    2) Probiotics. I get mine from yogurt, but there are pills if you don’t want the lactose. Pretty much any medication that affects your digestion changes your gut bacteria, and the good flora needs to be rebuilt to keep everything moving and processing like it should. Antibiotics kill ALL the bacteria in your system, too, so you need to recolonize afterward. Otherwise you won’t be getting the right nutrients from your food and what you eat will affect your stomach even more than it does normally. (There are studies – I have to research more before I link them – that suggest that heartburn and reflux are actually caused by an imbalance in gut flora and not stomach acid at all. The docs that support them suggest a pro-alkaline diet which is supposed to make it tougher for bad bacteria to proliferate. Jury’s still out on that.)
    3) Caffeine, chocolate, tomato-based foods, and fried foods are the four biggest/most common heartburn/reflux triggers. It’s all individual, of course, but you might need to go caffeine-free until your digestive system stabilizes. 😦 (Or just deal with the heartburn. Hee.) Me, I can’t drink carbonated beverages…like, at all. Or eat anything with a tomato sauce base. I shouldn’t eat chocolate, either, but I do anyway. Caffeine and fatty foods don’t trigger anything, though (well, heartburn/reflux – caffeine makes my heart race and fatty foods give me a stomach ache, but I stay reflux-free). Dairy actually helps me while citrus fruits make me want to die.

    Oh, also? Probiotics help with bloating. When I first seriously ramped up my intake (after a bout of stomach flu), my baby belly shrank noticeably. I guess maybe it’s a baby/bloat belly, then, huh? 😛

    Anyway, I highly recommend probiotics for at least two weeks (from experience). There are all kinds of numbers out there about daily dose, but I found one article (wish I’d kept the link, but I didn’t) that said that if you eat a cup of yogurt every day, you’re good. They’re also in anything that’s been pickled, like, er, pickles…but also sauerkraut; and miso soup. Pretty much everything else is milk-based, so you might want to just pick up a basic pill and go with whatever dose is on the bottle.

    I’ve had GERD for so long that I am a bit of a know-it-all about heartburn fixes. 😉

    The other things I would suggest (because they’re less talked about and because I know yours has at least something to do with your surgery) are taking a stroll/gentle walk after eating. Nothing strenuous, mind, but limit the amount of time spent sitting within 20-30 minutes after eating. (I don’t actually follow that one, ’cause I’m lazy…but I should!) And make sure your bra isn’t too tight after eating. I don’t know how many days I’ve languished in my suffering only to realize that was the problem. I always feel super dumb afterward, but at least my stomach doesn’t burn so much!

    Huh. This whole comment was basically to say, “Hey, don’t worry! It’ll probably get better on its own in a couple of weeks once your system stabilizes. So minimize your triggers for two weeks, boost your intestinal health with probiotics while you wait, and you should be okay. If you still have a lot of pain at that point, then it’s time for dietary/lifestyle changes.” Sorry it got so long!

    • Don’t worry about the length. It was very informational. 😉 I didn’t know I’d get heartburn after discontinuing long-term use so 2 days later I was back on it. -_-; I can’t eat yogurt because it makes me puke. I discovered I don’t have an insensitivity to dairy, I’m actually lactose intolerant. Lovely. I see almost no difference. We do have miso but I usually leave that for the hubby because he adds kimchi in the soup and it usually gives me heartburn now. =T Soups don’t usually inspire me to eat though mainly because I’m pretty hungry soon after again, but I’ll have to look into a plain miso soup with lunch or something. A little side soup would be yummy!

      I went back on the meds because I’m lazy. I really just don’t want to deal with the pain when it’s so nice being away from the pain. Coffee does give me heartburn now but I have no intention of EVER giving that up (at the moment anyway; I said the same thing about pizza and tortillas but we eventually parted ways).

      Despite being faint-hearted with internal pain, I have changed my diet so I’m at least not abusing the meds (minus the coffee). I’ve been gluten and dairy free for about 5 days now and am feeling AWESOME! My bloating has gone down big time, I’m losing weight again, and I’m so happy. Though I’m still a chunky monkey in the belly/thighs/hips, I’m looking great compared to before and would be comfortable wearing my bikini again.

      I know long-term use can severely raise my chances of osteoporosis but I’m working with that as well. 😉

      As for cookies, yes, I’m well aware that they have gluten in them. And dairy. Chips A’Hoy chocolate chip cookies are my Achilles’ Heel and my consumption had gotten out of control. But I haven’t had a cookie in 5 days! Every evening I want to kill for one but I resolutely close the pantry when I see them. I will NOT break my streak. I’m feeling and looking so good without them. However, there ARE gluten and dairy free cookies out there now. And some of them don’t taste like nasty poo too! But they’re more expensive than normal cookies, just as fatty, and I end up eating them just as quickly so I try not to get them.

      I’m seriously dying over here though so I’m going to get a special allergen-free cinnamon roll mix. I don’t even care what they look like or how hard they are to make. I’m also planning on making an allergen-free veggie pizza this weekend. Oooooh yeah! Splurge! WOO!

      • Woohoo! 5 days is a long time in the beginning. 😀 Way to go! (I usually find by day 6 my cravings have disappeared, if not my psychological need to eat whatever it is. Do you notice something like that?)

        I was teasing about the gluten in the cookie. I don’t think you’re dumb. 😉 I used to LOVE chewy Chips A’Hoy. A year or three ago (time is weird), I became resolved not to eat cookies I don’t make at home. Sometimes I fall back to grabbing some from McD’s or Starbucks or something, but I find I don’t have a hard time refusing to buy them at the store. Which is…cool, actually. But then, I like baking cookies and it’s something fun to spend time on. So I won’t actually make them because I want to eat them, but more because I want to make them. Same goes for cake, cupcakes, and muffins. Little win! Yay!

        Bummer about the lactose intolerance. That sucks. 😦 You’d think with all those highlanders in your heritage (with their spectacular, giant, fuzzy Highland cows), your body would love it some lactose. 😦

        Oh! I totally forgot – they make probiotic powders you can add to your smoothies. My mom used to try to force acidophilus on me for everything, and she’d keep this big ole jar of it in the kitchen. She swears by it to regulate digestion. Just be aware that when you first start taking probiotics, they can cause intestinal changes/upset until they establish themselves.

        I really should go off gluten, just to see. But…meh. I have enough stress in my life right now without reading every label and learning how to cook without wheat flour. Bleeeeeeh. Someday, I will ask you how you switched. For now, I’m jealous and impressed. ;D

  3. All that Swedish and German blood in me should make me immune to the cold too but I have near zero tolerance for cold temps. 😉

    My cravings are worst the first couple days but if I can make it a week they diminish a bit. I think it’s sometime around the 2nd week that they stop making daily mild appearances. But I don’t think I’ve ever had a craving go completely away. Not when it’s a favorite food. I don’t have difficulty passing it up but I still want it. Like pizza. It was my ultimate favorite food. I can’t help but indulge at times but it was rare. Thank goodness I have a way of indulging allergen-free now. Flour tortillas was a HUGE difficulty. I gave it up before I realized I had a gluten problem – it was just too fatty for me to be eating. I was free of tortillas until about a year or so ago when we went to Korea. There was a Quedoba or however you spell it in the airport. I was ecstatic. I’ve had wraps at least once a week pretty much ever since. Until now.

    I’ll write a post for you in the future on how I switched to a gluten-free diet. 😉 Just for you.

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