Tracy Anderson Method: Dance Cardio

Despite being a terrible dancer, I love to dance. I have little rhythm and even less coordination and what I do have of each was earned with grueling hours doing the same exact dances numbers over and over and over again. Well, not really but it would’ve seemed grueling had I been able to watch myself learning the steps. My husband came home one day, saw me doing a belly dancing DVD and laughed outright. Another night I was doing hip hop. More laughter. He said later I was cute. Hmph.

The Tracy Anderson Method: Dance Cardio Workout DVD

The Tracy Anderson Method: Dance Cardio Workout DVD

So this week I’ll be practicing The Tracy Anderson Method: Dance Cardio Workout DVD.

There are 7 different song combinations. First Tracy goes through each combination without music and teaches you how to do them. She starts off slow verbally and visually pointing out each step with her back to you so that you mimic her exactly. Then she’ll show you what it looks like performed faster and standing face-to-face. Lastly she’ll go through the entire combination at the normal pace with her back once more to you.

She highly recommends learning the combinations before you attempt the actual dance cardio section in order to get the best workout you can get. Since I have the DVD for only a week, I’ll endeavor to learn only a few of the combinations given.

I started learning this morning as my son was eating breakfast. At least he doesn’t laugh at me when I attempt something new. In fact, he tells me I’m awesome. He gives me my best self-esteem boosts. Let me remind others who are thinking of taking up dancing because I forgot what it was like to dance at home.

I was barefoot…on carpet. Ouch. My poor little toes. Can we all say “rug burn?” Always wear shoes.

Anyway, the first dance combination wasn’t hard to learn, even for me. However, walking through the movements without music is very different from dancing the moves with or without music. Actually, it’s probably harder without music because you have no beat to match your moves to, but that’s neither here nor there. I sucked. Big time. But at least the moves themselves were simple so I have high hopes of being able to learn it by tomorrow (or today depending on how much time I put into it).


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  1. Oh, dance workouts are so much fun! I’ve tried a SoliBeat workout from Fitnessista, and I’m in love. Live music is great, and the energy is simply incredible! I’ll have to admit though, I really didn’t feel comfortable with my hubby looking at me because I felt like I looked like a hot mess. Haha!


    • I love dance workouts! I just really suck at them. I memorized the walking version of the first combination pretty easily yesterday but then Tracy did it regular pace in actual dance-style and, music or not, I was totally lost by the middle. It’s just one part my legs trip up on. Literally actually. I have to spin at one point and I almost always trip during the spin. Haha! I was cussing at the DVD so much that I was glad I was alone. I swore the DVD off as a piece of junk but now that I’m calmed down again I’ll continue till I get it right. Hehe. I prefer Zumba. I’m more used to the moves. In fact, I’m going to try to convince my husband to take a special trip (or let me take a special trip) to the gym tonight so I can do the Zumba class there because I missed my normal Tuesday class. It’s so much fun! I hate missing!

      I checked out your blog and you don’t look as if you’d look like a mess dancing. You have a great body! And having taken gymnastics for so long before, you’re probably really coordinated. But a hot mess is better than just a mess! Hehe.

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