Burn Out

When you feel as if throwing yourself in front of an oncoming train is more appealing than continuing with whatever line of work you pursue day in and day out. This is how I define “burn out.” It’s not technically the correct definition but I claim creative license.

I realize that’s what I’ve been experiencing these last two weeks. And by revealing my human “mishaps” to the world, I’ve thrown off the weights with which I’ve been encumbered. As a friend of mine reminded our Circuit Fusion instructor today when Kelly admitted (apologetically perhaps?) that she had been sadly lacking in balance during the class, “No one’s perfect. Even Mary Poppins was only practically perfect.”

I am not perfect.

Wow. There’s a big confession. Does this surprise anyone?


The constant ringing in my ears is unimpeded by outside noise. How very deafening.

There are times I do quite well with my diet. But I can never make it a week without slipping with gluten or dairy. Each Monday I try anew only to be tripped up on Friday or Saturday (at the latest). I like pastries. I like those morning buns at Starbucks. And despite having both dairy and gluten in them, I don’t suffer noticeable side effects. Except maybe extra fat but obviously that’s something I can live with as I eat one nearly every week.

With time I’m sure I’ll come to be cool nixing those from my life like I have with ice cream and cake but until then I’m happy as I am. Especially now that I’ve had to dump the chocolate Larabars from my diet. “May contain milk particles” seems to translate into “Does contain milk particles” and I end up sick to my stomach with nasty heartburn and indigestion.

Sigh. Oh well. It was nice while it lasted. My taste for the other Larabars has increased again though so I’m happy having the fruity ones again.

I’m usually pretty good with the fitness side of life. But, as I’ve just been reminded, sometimes you just need to slow it down and relax a bit. Coincidentally, I read the chapter in my Foundations book for my group fitness instructor class that talks about instructors continuing to motivate themselves as well as others etc. Even instructors need to be reminded to take time off when they start to wind down. Sit back and relax. Take a breather for a week or so. When it’s time to go back you’ll be refreshed and ready to go.

Everyone can experience burn out. Some more than others; some sooner than others. I’ve taken my break and I was happy to get back into the swing of things this morning with my friend’s Circuit Fusion class. I’m weaker than before, true, but I pushed myself and had fun just being there again. Kelly asked if the class seemed harder than usual because she was tired from it too but I couldn’t tell her because it was bound to be extra difficult for me. However, I like to think it was difficult for everyone because another regular in the class got a hip cramp just like I did during a core move at the end.

The lesson I’ve relearned today is this:

Always listen to your body. If you’ve been working hard for a long time and your body tells you it needs a rest, you might think of obliging it. You don’t have to, of course, and sometimes it’s best to soldier on through it. You know your body better than anyone else. Pay attention to it and you should be able to know what’s best for it.


About Katie St. John-Shin

I believe in living life and not letting it pass you by. I mean, come on, if you really want to do something but don't have the courage to do it so you let the opportunity disappear, you may regret it for the rest of your life. How can you know what you're capable of unless you go for it? Like every writer, I naturally plan on becoming world-famous (not really). I love reading, writing, fitness, coffee, watching my favorite movies/shows, listening to music, and trying new things even if they're sometimes terrifying. I'm a writer, a group fitness instructor, a personal trainer, and a nutter for doing all of the above.

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